Women are the epitome of love, care, persistence, tolerance, kindness, grace, etc, it is hard to define feminine in a single line. They are souls who long for independence, and support from their partners. A decade back women were considered the weaker sex, but they were never. Women broke numerous stereotypes to prove themselves in this dominating world. A woman is known for persistence and patience, she can manage and sort out any kind of difficult situation. However, there are certain things a woman with self-respect will never tolerate in her relationship. Check out what they are. 



Gaslighting is a form of mental manipulation where an abuser has implicit self-doubt and bafflement in the victim’s mind. The abuser gains the victim’s trust slowly, controls their mind, and uses their weakness often to question their judgment and instinct. Sometimes a gaslighter may use sugar-coated words to control your mind. A woman never likes to be gaslighted by any person, she may be open to ideas and feedback but not for devaluing abusers. Once you figure out you are being gaslighted by the abuser, stop responding to their words. Never let their words sink into your mind as it may potentially break your intuition. 

Lack of Respect

Respect – the strongest foundation in all kinds of relationships, be it friendship, romance, family, or professional. Respecting others helps you build a positive boundary around you. A woman with self-respect will never tolerate disrespect in their relationship. Disrespect doesn’t always have to be ignoring or lack of attention, people can manifest by criticizing, underestimating, passing sarcastic remarks, belittling ideas, etc. When she recognizes being disrespected by another person, she will abruptly limit her borderline as a gesture of demanding respect.


A woman enjoys reasonable restrictions but can never tolerate being controlled by their partners. She dislikes it when her partner interferes with her personal choices. 

She always expects freedom in making decisions, whether it’s clothing or a job. Women never tolerate a dictating partner. Miming her actions can be a sign of toxic relationship behaviors.



Abuse cannot be tolerated in any relationship, whether it is a woman or a man. However, abuse is not always what it looks like, it could be emotional, verbal, or mental abuse. 

A strong woman with self-respect will never comply with any kind of abuse. Be it personal or professional, she sets a clear boundary to remain unaffected by mistreatments. If you ever feel stuck in unhealthy relationships, you must wisely leave such a place as soon as possible.


Trust is the predominant factor in any kind of relationship. A lack of trust could weaken the foundation of a relationship. A trustworthy partner coordinates building a healthy relationship, which is what a woman anticipates. In any case, if she discovers her partner lying, she solves it right away. She expects the same instant-solving behavior from her partner. 


Negligence is a relationship deal-breaker. Women may face negligence in many forms like physical, emotional, or sexual. A little space between your partner could lead to frustration, loneliness, and depression. A woman can’t tolerate a partner who neglects her needs, views, and decisions. Nobody deserves the silent treatment. As a strong woman, you can lay out this to your partner ensuring self-respect in relationships. 



Feedback could motivate a person only if it is appropriate. A woman knows her contributions are not always appreciated. Yet she sacrifices herself for others’ welfare. Women with self-respect never let their partner’s comments and criticisms hold them back. Even if a situation arises in the relationship she will talk to her partner about his excessive criticism. 

Bottom Line

Girl power

A woman always wanted to be recognized for her effort and support in this society. Courtesy and love are what she expects from her partner and society. “Weaker sex” is a ridiculous label given by society, but she already tore it off, soaring up to achieve her goals. Putting herself first is never been selfish but self-respect.