4 Skin-Care actions You Should Be doing Before Bedtime

We all are well aware of washing our face every night and removing any makeup before we hop on to the bed. But, have you ever thought of following a right nighttime routine? If you are satisfied with your skin today, start following an appropriate bedtime routine and experience the difference in your skin the next day.

  1. Cleanse- Although many a times, it is easy to fall in bed, this is majorly important. For those having oily skin, it is advised to make use of a cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid.
  2. Remove all makeup- Only cleansing cannot always guarantee you entire makeup removal. Try applying a little of petroleum jelly possibly Vaseline that would be of a pea size or even some olive oil, and spread it across your eyelids and then through your lashes. Wipe your make up with cotton pad.
  3. Exfoliate- It is necessary to exfoliate three times at least a week; specifically when skin is dry.
  4. Apply a toner- Use a toner that suits your skin type. For instance, those who have normal or dry skin should not use toners including alcohol or ingredients that can further dry or irritate your skin. Toners contribute a lot in removing any cleanser or additional makeup on your face.
  5. Moisturize- Moisturizing should always follow cleansing. While washing your face, you wash off essential oils too and hence, skin is replenished when you moisturize it. If your skin type is oily, make sure you use a moisturizer, which is water based and suits your skin type. Take some additional couple of minutes and apply a deep moisturizer on those extra dry parts of your body, like knees, elbows, feet, hands and heels.
  6. Replace your regular pillowcases with silk pillowcases- Your facial skin is very sensitive and it can get pulled or tugged, in regards with what position you sleep in and number of times you move around while asleep. Pillowcases made up of silk do not pull your skin.
  7. Sleep on your back- Creases and wrinkles can be supported a lot by pushing your face into the pillow.  So, to avoid this, you can always opt to sleep on your back.
  8. Use a humidifier- Skin gets dry due to the loss of moisture in air. So, every night before you go to bed, fill the humidifier letting it not run out of water.
  9. Proper hair care- Those who have dry hair, should make it a point to use a conditioner or nighttime moisturizer. Avoid sleeping with a ponytail to curtail hair breakage.
  10. Get a sound sleep throughout the night – Bedtime skin schedules are amazing and contribute in making you look fresher in the morning. Although this is true, getting a sound sleep at night is very much important for a glowing skin.

These simple yet effective steps followed as a routine daily before you go to bed, will help you get suppler, smoother and younger looking skin.