10 Things that women did not know turn off men

Most of the time women don’t realize it when they turn- off men. It can be simple stuff that you think don’t matter at all.

Guys don’t like to discuss these issues. So read on to find out the top 15 things that can really annoy a guy.

  • Too much perfumeMen love their women to smell nice. But do not over do it. Do not make it seem as if you drowned the entire content of your perfume on your skin.
  • Long nails-Women assume that men love to see their long painted nails. But in reality, they love fingernails in their natural best.  They don’t like being scraped or cut by your nails even by mistake.
  • Gossip-Men do not have the patience to listen to your incessant chatter about other people, especially if they people who mean nothing to him. Don’t make him think of you as a mean person, who talks behind others back.
  • Mother him to the extent of smothering-It’s nice of you to take care of your guy, but don’t go overboard and make him feel as if you’re treating him as your child. He has a mind of his own, so quit trying to smother him. It is so uncool.
  • Too desperate-Do not be too clingy. Each of you have your own independent lives to lead. Don’t act desperate and make it seem the world would end without him. If your cling too much and for too long, you can be assured of your man running in the opposite direction.
  • Make him jealous-As interesting it may seem to see how he would react to you chatting up a cute guy or flirting with your colleague, do not do so. Men have the same feelings as you do. He is going to be hurt if he loves you and finds you turning your attention to someone else.
  • Play dumb-Men really don’t like dumb women. So get rid of the age old notion that men like their women minus the opinions and brains.
  • Be dominating and rude-Do not try to boss over your guy. He also is gifted with a set of brains. Do not try to make decisions on his behalf. Try to be nice to everyone around you. One thing a man hates in a women is attitude, that too the wrong one.
  • Talk of your ex-If you keep talking of your ex, your guy is bound to get fed up and walk away. He is going to think that you never got over your ex in the first place and still have feelings for the guy.
  • Play it too easy to get-Don’t spill all the beans in the beginning itself. Your relationship will fizzle out as there won’t be any mystery left. So try not to put yourself out there too much.
  • Superiority complex and act entitled-Do not behave as if you are superior to him. Treat him with respect in public. He does things for you out of the love he has for you and not otherwise.
  • Play hard to get-Men like a bit of a challenge to win over their women. But don’t play too hard so as to get them frustrated and not wait around for you anymore.
  • Be a clone-Do not worry about having to show your originality or true self.
  • Over sharing-Don’t not share every personal thought of his with your friends or family. Certain things are secrets and should be kept as confidential between you and him.
  • Try to change him-Love him for the person that he is. Do not try to make any changes he is not willing to make. It’s bound to make him sour.

If you want to make a relationship work, try to avoid turning off your man for the wrong reasons.