How your choice of perfumes talk about your personality

Gone are the days when perfumes were used just to smell good. Today, perfumes have more to it than you can imagine. Now perfumes are about brands, they are about class and they are about personality. Certain fragrances can even tell you what kind of person he or she is. Nowadays, you get perfumes flaunting the name of celebrities, and many a time, they were quoted saying, ‘this is a fragrance that portrays my personality’ or ‘this fragrance tells a lot about me as person’ and so on.

There are times when you can say who is entering the party from far just by the fragrance. It is also believed that there is a strong connection between a person’s favorite color and the perfume she chooses. People who like bright colors may choose fruity or floral fragrance while those who prefer richer colors will only like oriental scent. Colors too often can a lot about a person’s personality.

Here’s a sneak peek into how perfumes talk about your personality

  • Strong Vs weak: It is considered that a person using a strong fragrance is someone with a strong personality while a simple person will rather choose a mild scent.
  • Floral scents: Those who choose floral scent are mostly women as this scent is feminine. It is also believed that those who like floral fragrance also tend to like pink color.
  • Fresh and light fragrance: It is believed that people who are sporty by nature tend to choose such a fragrance as they like an aroma that is not too powerful so as to interfere with their games.
  • Fruity fragrance: Energetic but relaxed persons are the ones who are most likely to opt for fruity fragrance. Such people are generally rock music lovers who like to relax at a spa and who likes fresh atmosphere to spend time.
  • Oriental scent: Those who like oriental fragrance are most likely those who love travelling to exotic places. It is also considered that passionate and powerful people prefer oriental fragrance. Such people might like jazz music and perhaps like purple color. Introverts who let their work talk than themselves might also go for oriental scent.
  • Woody fragrance: People who loves ocean and would rather frolic around a beach are the ones to mostly choose woody fragrance. They might even like blue color for that matter and are passionate and stylish.

Generally, when you choose a certain fragrance, you are choosing one that reflects your personality, depicting what kind of a person you are. But at the same time, do not just go about choosing a scent that you do not like but would like to flaunt to others. Just as you should not fake the person you are, you should also not pretend to be someone else. So when you are choosing a perfume, go by what you like, what fragrance lingers in your mind and senses and let the world keep guessing about who you are.