How to gel with your boyfriend

Men and women are from different planets when it comes to communicating with each other. Either of them does not understand what the other person is saying and what they mean. Often relationships between a boy and girl end because of the lack of channelized and proper communication. Lack of compatibility means lack of communication in simpler terms. For example a woman says ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to and it means that she needs a better explanation. If men and women stop talking in riddles and have a direct conversation it will be much more helpful to foster their relationship. A couple should also consciously stop reading between the lines at the same time.

Here are some tips that will help to get along with your boyfriend

Improve your communication with your boy friend by asking open ended questions. Open ended questions prompt the other person to talk more and express themselves. Small talk in a relationship goes a long way in building it further.  Starting with a small talk will lead to bigger conversations.


Instead of saying let’s go shopping, say I think we need to shop for some groceries. This will prompt your boyfriend to ask you more questions and will lead to a conversation.

Be objective in your conversation.  Do not start a 20 questions game with your boyfriend like where were you, what did you do, when did you go and so on. This will leave your boyfriend irritated and you will be looked upon as an insecure person. Be direct about what you want to discuss and start the topic gently.


Talk about your day and how you spent your day at work or with friends. This will automatically lead to a discussion where your boyfriend will also discuss his day, you will get all your answers from the conversation and the objective is achieved.

Don’t discuss sensitive topics in a serious manner. The art of communication depends on articulating your thoughts in a profound way by sharing thoughts and reflecting upon them.  Start a substantive conversation rather than complaining or cribbing. First of all keep your goal in mind, do you want to have a conversation or a debate? If you want a conversation then make your boyfriend feel comfortable with the topic.


Even if you are on a verge of breakup, start the conversation by talking about the good things you shared. A you did this and I did this kind of conversation will lead nowhere.

Be a good listener and hold on to the direction in which he is talking. Do not act like a kid who wants to blurt out everything first. The whole idea is to share a healthy dialogue with your boy friend and not just say your piece.  When you give attention while your boyfriend is talking you show that you care and he will feel needed. Men ultimately need a lot of attention and will appreciate it when you can give it to them.