Dating after a tragic break-up

Should You Stop Dating After a Tragic Break-up

Breakup! At least someday you might have faced this terrible time because of which you are here for some guidance. A breakup is always bitter, disturbing, and stressful. Different people will tell you different things to get over it, but yes! Unless you give yourself some time and space, it will be difficult for you to get out of this situation. There are many people who break off from their long time relationship. Some find it a necessary thing to be done at that span of time while some felt that at least one more chance would have saved their relationship. It is after all how you carry that outlook on handling the scenario.

Breakup needs to be completely handled with care

Split up can be hard to get over and to get back to that dating game again is even harder. It can be more challenging for the people who think of dating back again if they have dated quite for a long period and for now are not psychologically prepared for it. So what do such people do? If you keep yourself on their side, have you thought on this whether you should stop dating after a tragic break up or not? Certainly, for this, the scenario of the break up also matters. Right from the reason of breakup till what all issues you have faced, your past experience and the relation that you shared with your partner, it is obvious that your entire persona towards your new relationship would change.

What Study tells you?

When some research was made and people were asked the question on what do they expect from their new relationship after a tragic breakup earlier, they said that their expectation and alertness towards their new partner increased even more which certainly has got an equal balance of being practical and emotional and thus have created a better understanding as well.

Planning to Date: Do you fall in any of these categories?

You cannot stop or control breakup if your partner shows no response. However, if your concern is whether you should stop dating after a tragic breakup, there are two scenarios that you might have to think of:

Scenario 1:

If you have broken up mutually with your partner due to less compatibility and more annoyance that was taking place, then certainly dating back again will not be problem as both of you already have made up your mind on the reason behind separation and there is nothing like LOVE which exists between you guys.

Scenario 2:

If you fall under this scenario in which your ex simply breaks up for a silly thing or your partner has betrayed you by double dating you, then simply don’t be in a hurry to date again. Take your time, cry and think over what things got messed up and how should you deal with it.

Depending on the above two scenarios, know which circumstance you relate yourself more with. If you feel that you have moved on and you need somebody to fill up that vacant place, then certainly you must go ahead. But if you are not ready and simply want to prove your ex that you are better than him or her in all the scenarios, then certainly, you are hampering the life of the third person as well.

Realize the difference between a cheater and the true soul mate, and surely someday you will be lucky enough to get that right person.