Love is a tricky feeling. You might have heard people say some signs would tell if you are in love with someone. “Your heart will skip a beat,” “You can’t stop staring at him/her,” blah blah blah… some might think these are just cliché things people say to make the feeling special. But some scientifically proven signs for love would help you find if it’s just some other feeling or you’re really falling for the person. 

One can observe these scientifically proven signs to know what it means to actually “fall in love.” Scientists have discovered that the brain of a person who’s in love looks very different from the one of a normal person or the one experiencing mere lust. Here are some of the unique scientifically proven signs for love.

1. Increase in dopamine levels

If you are in love and you think about your significant other, your brain releases high levels of dopamine—a chemical component that contributes to attention and focus. The increase in dopamine levels can also change your perception of the world around you. You feel optimistic, happy, and attentive.

2. Changes in emotional stability

Falling in love is weird, to say the least. One of the surprising signs of love is that you feel a whirlwind of emotions when you think about your significant other. The mere remembrance of them leaves you exhilarated, energetic, with a racing heart, trembling and so many other emotions you never expected to experience. This instability in emotions is quite common for someone falling for their significant other. 

3. Physical signs of love

Physical signs play a great role in realizing that you are falling for the person. You feel the urge to hold their hand or at least be closer to them. It is interesting to note that when you are with your partner, your breathing synchronizes. Your chest rises and falls at the same time your partner does, without you even realizing it! 

One of the most realistic scientifically proven signs for love is that your heart literally skips a beat when you are with ‘the one.’ Your heartbeats then harmonize, just like that! Be it physical signs of love from a man or physical signs of love from a woman, this sign would help you realize that you’re in love. Romantic, isn’t it? 

4. Admiring their quirkiness

This is one of the most adorable signs that you would notice when you’re falling for someone. Your significant other’s certain quirky traits would make you fall hard for them. From the unique way they say “Hello” to their high-pitched laughs, you might have found them annoying in the beginning but that uniqueness would now hold a special place in your heart.

5.Emotional dependency

Even a reserved person can become a sweet romantic when it comes to falling for someone. People tend to become emotionally dependent when they have deep feelings for their significant other. You would require your partner’s support and company, thanks to the jitters and insecurities love brings. Even their mere presence would help them feel better. People often mistake this feeling as being clingy or troubling but it never is. You are just seeking their love and there’s nothing unusual about it.