5 Ways to Make Cheap Flowers Look Expensive

Have you accidentally picked the wrong flowers that look cheap or have you picked the cheap flowers so that you don’t exceed your budget?

Either way, there is scope for improvement. You can make these so called, ‘cheap flowers’ into something classy and elegant.

1. Use a fancy or expensive vase

The flowers might be thrifty but the vase makes a whole lot of difference. If you put a bunch of daisies in a crystal vase and some in a glass jar, you will see if for yourself which looks better and which have a classier look. You can choose from a variety of options such as brass vases, crystal and even Chinese porcelain.

2. Use a single type of flower

Usually flower vendors mix a variety of flowers in a bouquet. Instead of buying them that way, opt to buy a bouquet of one variety that gives an impact when looked at.

3. Floating flowers

It is not necessary when you use flowers for floral decoration that you keep the stems. Cut of the stems and you can arrange it in a wide dish of water to make it look like boats of flowers.

4. Line with leaves

A lot of florists use this trick to hide ugly stems of cheap flowers. Simply line a clear vase with pretty looking leaves to cover the ugly stems and you have a wonderful looking arrangement.

5. Use succulents

Add a fun element to the flowers. Add some succulents to add volume to your bouquet and even add a textural element.

So try these ways to make your cheap flowers look classy and unique.