5 Ways to Make Cleaning Products Last Longer

All of us have cabinets full of cleaning products. Some of these products seem to get over after just a couple of uses. With the recession and budget constrain we need to find ways to make things last longer.

Here are a few ways in which we can make our cleaning products last longer than they do at present:

1. Spray on the cloth and not the surface

When we clean things like kitchen platforms or windows, we often spray the surface to be cleaned with the cleaning product. Little to we know that spraying the cloth is sufficient to clean the area.

When we spray it to the cloth we reduce the amount of product that we generally use and also reduce the residual deposit of these products on your surfaces.

2. Measure till the mark

This aspect affects us most in the laundry department. We often if ignore the cups and the markings on the measuring cup that they come with. What we don’t know is that most often a cupful of that laundry might be too much for the laundry.

Measure the laundry detergent. More doesn’t mean it will come out cleaner. You might in fact land up with clothes that have a lot of excess soapy suds that don’t clean off due to the excessive detergent use

3. Don’t fill up both boxes in dispenser of dishwasher or washing machine

No doubt the boxes are to be filled when the laundry or dishes are extremely soiled. But these conditions are very rare. Resist the urge to fill up. Fill up or balance both boxes by filling them up halfway.

If you put too much, you land up with soapy suds in clothes and have a filmy soapy residue on your glassware.

4. Buy Multiuse products

Buy products that serve multiple purposes. For example you can buy all-purpose cleaners that can be used to clean windows, platforms, floors etc… Not only will these products help in saving money but will also help in saving up on the storage of these products.

5. Choose foaming cleaners for tiles

It is better to buy foaming cleaners for bathroom tiles and the tub. These will easily stick to the surface as compared to the liquid varieties. Allow them to rest and wipe clean. The amount of muscle power used is greatly reduced.