Organization Tips for Every Home

A well organized home is key to happiness!

A happy home is one that you want to return to after a day’s hard work. A perfect home isn’t necessarily the one that is luxurious with modern amenities but one that  is clean, devoid of clutter and one which has denoted a place for everything, even your pens.The best way to maintain a clean and clutter free home is to organize each and every thing in a home, from pencils to utensils. You can easily organize your home without having to spend much money or time.

Here are a few tips on how to organize your home:

Categorise your home components-First, make a list of different elements in your house, for example, books and papers, clothes and accessories, shoes, kitchen utensils and containers, photos, stationery, etc. Try to organize each component wisely and creatively so that your home is free of any kind of clutter. Decide upon a place for each and every thing. The basic principle should be – the ones most frequently used or needed should be at your hands or eyes reach. The ones you use once in a while can be away from your eyesight and those things which you haven’t used for a year or so, probably you won’t use it again. Throw them away!

Kitchen organizer-Organizing a kitchen is easy with modular kitchens or good racks. Keep away big pans, cookers, sauce pans, etc., in the lower shelf of your rack. You can even try your own DIY racks to hold small spice containers. Or else, keep those containers in front of the shelf which you use more often. Get an organizer to keep your spoons, ladles, etc. Remember, a well organized kitchen means a cleaner and healthier kitchen. Wardrobe organizer-If you have multiple shelves in your wardrobe, and you do not have separate and suitable place to keep multiple things, then don’t panic and stuff clothes in a bundle. Buy small baskets where you can keep different kinds of clothing. For example, you can keep your scarves, ties, belts, or t-shirts in these baskets. When you plan to custom make a wardrobe, try to build one keeping your clothes in mind. That would be convenient.

Paper places-Organizing different kinds of papers is often an issue. Newspapers, magazines, old files, books, children’s books all really add to the clutter if not placed appropriately. Arrange all kinds of books neatly in a wall shelf. File important papers and keep them away inside a cupboard or any shelf. Collect old newspapers and magazines in a cardboard box or so.

Organizing your home means paving way for a happier and healthier home-A well organized home means less clutter and that means less dust. It is easier to clean a clutter free home. A well kept and clean home means saying good bye to illnesses and welcoming health. So, start organizing your home today!