Modern times are characterized by modern technology. We are surrounded by technology almost everywhere. Technology has developed to a great extent that we can check our pulse and heart rate with a simple smartwatch. Writing letters are replaced by nonstop conversations, and door lenses are being replaced with smart door locks that allow you see who is at the other end of the door. Isn’t it amazing!

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. These are internet-connected smart devices that can communicate with other smart devices by granting the user a simple remote access. A few examples of IoT in our daily life are smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart televisions, smart door locks, smart security equipment, smart lockers, smart fire alarms, and so on. Consider making your entire house a smart home with all the necessary IoT gadgets to make household chores easier and more effective. Read along to know more about IoT household devices and IoT smart home. 

IoT household devices

1. Smart doorbells

The most secure solution for your home is a smart doorbell. These doorbells have cameras built in so you can see who is at your door. The nicest part about this situation is that even when you are not at home, you can still see who is at your door. Any smart device, including computers and mobile phones, can be connected to these smart doorbells. 

2. AI voice assistants

These AI voice assistants, the future IoT household appliances, are tiny chatter boxes with a tonne of built-in knowledge and an on-demand support feature. It makes our job simpler by doing everything from playing music to answering all of your questions. These are very handy and do not require a separate place. 

3. Robotic vacuum

Unhappy with the results despite spending a lot of time carrying your bulky vacuum cleaner around your home?  Even if hand sweeping and vacuum cleaners may appear to be the greatest options, occasionally, they do not pick up all of the dirt. You may save time and maintain a clean environment by using a robotic vacuum.

4. Smart medical devices

With the assistance of unequaled technology, the medical field has advanced beyond all expectations. IoT equipment is widely used in the medical industry. The oximeter, glucose monitor, and blood pressure monitor are some of the smart medical gadgets that are most frequently utilized. These Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets streamline operations and reduce commuting time to medical facilities.

5. Smart television

Television has advanced significantly, going from monochrome images to 3D effects. With a smart TV, you can flip between watching soap operas and watching videos on YouTube, and when you want to text someone, you can use WhatsApp. You can even play video games on the big screen. A smart television is therefore versatile.