How to arrange flowers at home like a pro

Placing flower arrangements here and there in a home makes the place look lively and bright. It also helps in generating positive vibes all around. Despite trying very hard, many times, people are not able to arrange flowers just like a professional.

Tips to arrange flowers at home

  1. Using a lot of branchesInstead of going with marble or floral foam when arranging flowers, it is better to use a lot of braches. The branches of the tree can help support the flower arrangement in a better way. These branches can be criss crossed with flower sticks used intermittently here and there.
  2. Exotic Tulips-Tulips are quite commonly used in flower arrangements but this common bulb can be made to look more exotic by just putting your thumb beneath each petal, folding it back using forefinger. This way, they resemble camellias and look beautiful.
  3. A Holistic Arrangement-When arranging flowers in a vase, it is important to arrange them from all sides and not the side that will be more visible. It should look elegant and appealing from every angle. Thus, do not cut corners when it comes to use your creativity in flower arrangements.
  4. Ensure more water for roses-If roses get a lot of water, the chances of maintaining a fresh look in them increases. The rose sticks can be directly dipped into the water with ends cut diagonally.
  5. Using cooking spray-Cooking spray also do wonders for the flower ensemble. Ginger, bird of paradise and heliconia are some sprays that prevent flowers from going dry. Little spritz here and there can keep the flowers blooming. The pores of the flowers is sealed using this spray that keeps them fresh.
  6. Using ponytail holder-Ponytail holder can be used to keep the flowers together. The holder needs to be tied close to the stems keeping flowers perfectly in place. Clear elastic must be used and it should be above the waterline.
  7. Clippers-Clippers need to be used to cut stems in a diagonal manner. Well cut stems will ensure the freshness of the flowers for a longer time. Tubular stems, especially can be cut perfectly using clippers.
  8. Bleach-Many people are not aware about adding bleach to the flowers as a food additive for flowers. Adding few drops of bleach prove to be quite advantageous for the flowers.
  9. Hydrangeas to be hydratedIt is very important to hydrate hydrangeas well. Though, the stems of this flower are quite skinny, its head is quite huge. Hydrangeas seem to gulp water in great quantities which is necessary for its freshness.

Following above tips can help you to become a professional flower arranger in no time.