3 Mistakes you are Doing to your Oily Face

Men and women use a lot of similar products. But sometime these products cost more than some.  Let’s admit it that women do spend more time and money to give them the look that they feel is the basic look.

But then there are some basic products that are essential to both the genders that are again differently priced. This might sound silly to actually make note of which gender pays the higher price to stay properly groomed.

1. Face Wash and Body Wash

There are tons of general and gender neutral face and body washes in the market. But if you had paid attention you would have noticed that the ones that are marked exclusively for men are cheaper than that of ones meant for both gender or for women exclusively.

2. Shampoo and conditioner

We are not sure why but even the shampoos and conditioners are priced at a higher rate as that of the men.

3. Bathing suits

Women might have even cut the cost of the top of a bikini and still the cost of a bathing suit is higher as compared to that of a man’s pair of swimming shorts.

4. Dry cleaning

Our clothes might look the same but the rates for dry cleaning women’s clothes are nearly double as compared to that of men. There is no logic behind it, unless maybe you feel that women clothing need extra care.

5. Fragrance or perfume

The same sized bottles of perfume cost more for women as compared to that of men. We women can console ourselves by telling ourselves that our perfumes are more concentrated than theirs due to which they cost more.

6. Razors

Razors are built the same way. The cost that goes into the making of a razor for men and women is the same, whether a single or a twin blade. So why do women land up paying more than for the same features? Life sure is unfair or unjust sometimes.

7. Sunscreen

Both sexes need protection from the sun. But what I can’t figure out is why sunscreens made especially for men cost more than the gender neutral ones available in the market.

8. Antiperspirant

I guess men sweat it out more than women physically and that might be the reason why is costs lesser than the one meant for women.

I guess the battle of the sexes exist even in pricing of their products. Life is unfair after all.