5 Tricks to make fresh flowers last longer

Flowers are a great way to decorate a room. Apart from lending a great appearance to the room, they also give a wonderful fragrance that takes to another place altogether.

Fresh flowers are great. But once they are cut to be used for improving the decor they lose their life. Fresh flowers will last for 2-3 days.

There are some ways to increase the life of these cut fresh flowers:

1. Soda

As crazy as it sounds, soda helps in increasing the life of cut flowers. So instead of putting the flowers in a vase full of water, use a 1:1 ratio of water and soda and you’ll get to keep your flowers for longer in the vase.

2. Hair spray

Just as hair spray protects your hair, hair spray also provides protection to the flower petals from drying up and rotting. You have nothing to lose. Just spray from a distance evenly on all the petals and leaves.

3. Aspirin

This is a tried and tested method over the years. Simply crush an aspirin into the water in the vase in which the flowers are sitting. This is to keep the flowers look fresh and last longer. Don’t forget to change the water daily and add the aspirin.

4. Copper coins

As stupid as it may sound to add a few copper coins to the bottom of the vase, this method has proven to be effective. This method works on the principle that the copper in the coins is said to act as an acidifier that inhibits the growth of bacteria that lead to spoilage.

5. Sugar vinegar water solution

Slit the stems of the flowers and add the flowers to a sugar vinegar water solution that consists of 2tbsp. vinegar, 4 tbsp. sugar and half liter water. The vinegar inhibits bacterial growth, whereas the sugar nourishes the plants, keeping it fresh longer.

So do try these tips to get your fresh flowers to last longer.