5 Tips to maintain laminate flooring

If you are looking to get a floor that looks like wood but doesn’t cost as much and requires even lesser maintenance then laminate flooring is the way to go.

Here are some tips to help you maintain and clean those laminated floors:

1. Do not use the usual broom

Yes, the type of broom used to collect dust and debris make a difference. You cannot get all the dust off laminate floors using a traditional broom.

Instead buy a dry dust mop or you can even use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust off your floors.

A regular broom is only going to spread the dust all over the floor and even get scratches on the floor.

2. You need not use a laminate cleaner

We all are under the impression that we need to use special products to clean our laminated floors. But the fact is that any cleanser will do the trick.

You can even do without cleaners and use just a little plain water. Never use too much cleaners or cleaning products as it will make your flooring dull in the long run.

3. Buff the floors to get a shine

There are tons of products that promise to give your floor the shine that it badly needs. But trust me you do not these unnecessary products.

Use a microfiber cloth and get down on your knees to buff the floor and get a shine.

4. Liquid is bad for the floor

Any form of liquid is bad for laminate flooring. Ideally you should clean laminated floor without any liquid as when water or any other liquid seeps in through the boards, it damages the laminate of the flooring.

It would be ideal if you would just dry mop the floor or use a mop that has been squeezed dry. As long as the mop doesn’t leave behind too much water or dampness when you mop, it is fine.

5. Protection

Laminate floorings are prone to easy damage. So it might be a good idea to cover laminate floorings with rugs or carpets, especially in households that have kids.

You might want to prevent people from entering the room with shoes as it can leave marks and also don’t forget to use furniture protectors that prevent them from causing scratches and gouges on the laminated flooring.

So maintain those laminate flooring as they should and you will not have to pull them off the floors in a long time.