5 Ways to protect hair from hard water

Are you suffering from hair loss due to hard water? Is no solution helping you in rescuing your hair?There are many reasons that may cause hair loss. But some of the main reasons include dandruff and washing hair using hard water.

Here are some options to consider saving your hair from the damage caused by hard water:

  • Shower filter-Install a filter on your shower head to filter out the harsh minerals that are ruining your hair. These filters enhance the pH balance in the hair and filter out the unwanted stuff. The best part is that you don’t have to replace your entire shower head. You can affix this filter on top of the existing shower head.
  • Stay on conditioner-Apply a stay on conditioner to make your hair all moisturized and reduce the damage caused by the hard water.
  • Vinegar wash-Washing your hair with vinegar will help loosen out the minerals and also dissolve any other organic material present. But due to the acidic nature of vinegar, it is recommended to use it not more than twice a week. A wash with vinegar also gives your hair a shiny gloss.
  • Mineral water-An expensive way to protect your hair, but then if it’s going to save your locks then what’s the harm.
  • Water softener-This is an expensive option to get rid of hard water. Installation of a water softener is very expensive. It effectively removes all the calcium, magnesium and other metals present in the water that make it hard.Though expensive, this method is very effective and can totally remove the hardness in the water and make it suitable for use, especially helpful for people suffering from severe skin and hair issues because of hard water.
  • Lemon juice rinse-Mix some lemon juice in the water to rinse the hair. Lemon juice reduces the hardness of the water. Never apply lemon juice directly to the head as it has a high level of acidity.
  • Special clarifying shampoo-Clarifying shampoo’s no doubt remove all the residue left from minerals in hard water, but they also strip the hair of all the essential natural oils that are essential to provide moisture for the hair.

So limit the use of clarifying shampoos to once every fortnight.You can now fight back the problems caused by hard water by the above mentioned methods and get your hair back to being silky.