15 Unique ways to decorate Easter eggs

After Christmas and Halloween, I think Easter is the holiday that most kids look forward to mainly due to the eggs.

Are you bored of making the usual plain dyed eggs? Well there are endless ways to make interesting eggs for Easter.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Mustached men

Dye the egg in the desired color and then draw on a mustache using a marker or cut black adhesive vinyl into the shape of a mustache and stick onto the egg.

The curly thick mushes are the most popular. You can add extra fun elements by affixing adhesive googly eyes or wool for hair.

2. Personalized eggs

Nothing can kill the joy when anyone receives their egg with their name on it. Use paint, markers or even sketch pens to decorate the egg with patterns and mention the person’s name prominently.

3. Glimmer glam

Simply dip the hard boiled egg in glue and roll well in the glitter. Little girls are sure to love this egg. I know I do.

You can affix more fin stuff like beads or sequins to make the egg more fun. As a matter of fact leave the sequin and beads sticking to the girls and make an egg decorating party out of it.

4. Crochet clothed

Dress an egg up by making a crochet covering for it. It will look classy and elegant. Add a satin ribbon to it and the egg will look as festive as the season.

5. Taped egg

Use different colors of washi tape across the egg to create a wonderful pattern. Cut these tapes into different shapes and patterns and stick to the surface of the egg.

6. Lace eggs

Wrap lace around the eggs and tie together at one end. Dip these lace covered eggs into the dye of your choice.

7. Marble effect eggs

Crack the hard boiled eggs using a spoon. Then dip them in strong tea decoction. Allow to dry and then peel.

8. Tape and dip eggs

Keep various shades of dye ready to dip the eggs into. Stick a piece of tape on the egg every time you dip the egg into the die. Once dry remove the tape and affix on another area of the egg.

9. Seeds and pulses egg

Dip the egg in glue and roll in a mixture of pulses and seeds. This can be used to decorate your garden, as it has an organic look to it.

10. Shaded eggs

Dip the egg in a glass half filled with undiluted paint. Remove and allow it to dry. Then add water to the color and dip again. Continue this procedure till you have colored the entire egg.

11. Dried flower eggs

Affix the flowers and leaves onto the eggs using glue. Wrap in a muslin cloth and tie at the ends. Dip in a boiled onion decoction. Remove the muslin cloth when dry and also remove the flowers and leaves and see the wonderful pattern emerge.

12. Threaded eggs

Use different colored threads and spin them around the eggs to give it a rainbow or colored appearance.

13. Sprinkled wonder

Dip the eggs in glue and roll into the sprinkles of your choice. Be creative and decorate make it into different layers of sprinkles.

14. Smiley eggs

Dye your eggs yellow and use a permanent marker to draw on smiley faces. Whatever your mood is, be it sad, happy, crazy or even sleeping; use the eggs to express your mood.

15. Animal eggs

Dye your eggs in different colors based on the animals that you are planning to make. For example pink for pigs, yellow for ducks, green for frogs.

Cut out foam sheets in the shape of beak, mouth or nose of the animal and stick onto the egg. Use googly eyes for the eyes and use a marker to add on other facial features of these animals.

So make these unique Easter eggs at home, instead of being lazy and opting for the store bought ones.