Feng Shui harmonizes and channels the energy around us through ancient philosophical laws. According to Feng Shui there is negative energy as well as positive energy and we should arrange and position and also create surroundings that will not disrupt the natural flow of energy around us. In this blog, you will know the Feng Shui tips for the front door that will bring in a lot of positivity.

Feng Shui Tips for the Front Door

1. Unobstructed entrance

The front door is the main entrance through which the positive energy is to enter the house. So do not block the entryway with furniture of any other objects. Leave your kids bikes in the garage and not in the doorway.

2. Get rid of unwanted and old objects

Any objects at the entrance such as old flower pots or an old shoe stand all should be kept away from the entrance.

3. A main door in good condition

The main door should be kept in good condition. Ensure that it is painted properly and doesn’t have any paint that is peeling off.  You should also make sure that the door doesn’t creak and if it does, don’t forget to grease it.

Make sure you pull out any rusted nails and replace them with ones that are in perfect condition, along with pulling off old stuff on the door, such as Christmas wreaths or even rusty decorations or door handles.

4. Hang a wind chime

Most of us hand wind chimes for decorative purposes without realizing the Feng Shui benefits of it. A wind chime is said to be a sign of welcome that encourages known people known to you to help or love you.

5. If front door directly looks into back door, block the energy

If the entrance of the house is in direct view or line with the back door exit then it is best to block the positive energy from escaping through the back by blocking the path.

You can block the path by using a plant or a piece of furniture.

6. Place plants and a statue at the entrance

Plants attract natural positive Feng Shui, so it might be a good idea to place plants that thrive all over the house, especially near the entrance to attract all the positive energy.

Feng Shui also suggests that if you place the statue of a good character like Buddha or an angel or any other idol, it will act as a protector of your house.

7. Fountain

If you really want to take your Feng Shui to another level, and then construct a fountain at the entrance, this symbol of flowing energy is said to bring in the cash or flow of positive energy.

So try and see if Feng Shui will bring about any positive changes to your life.