5 Clever uses of the Kitchen Sponge

Kitchen sponges can be used for a lot of other purposes other than just scrubbing your dishes and wiping off spills.

Here are some other uses of sponges in the other areas of your home:

  1. PedicureCut up sponges into small pieces and stick them in between your toes before you apply nail polish after a pedicure. These tiny bits help in separating the toes and prevent the polish from smudging.
  2. Clean sweaters-Does your sweater looks all worn out or frayed? Simply run a sponge across the sweater to get rid of the fuzz.
  3. Remove pet hair from carpeting-This is by far the most useful uses of sponges. Just wet a sponge and see it attract all that pet hair from your carpeting.
  4. Controls your plants hydration- Stick a sponge at the bottom of your planter, before you add in the soil and the plant. The sponge will soak up all the excess water in case you have put in too much. It will even pitch in to provide moisture on days you have forgotten your living green buddies.
  5. Fill in the gaps in windows or other gaps-If your air conditioner has not been fitted right and you have gaps that let out the cool air, no worries. Just fit in some pieces of sponge and you can block out the gaps. You can also use it to replace the missing links of rubber that hold the glass in your windows.

So don’t just restrict the use of sponges in your kitchen. Be creative!