Clean Your Closet In 30 Minutes

Clothes and shoes are the things that we buy for no reason. Earlier people shopped for clothes and shoes only during special occasions such birthdays but today we do not need a reason to buy clothes and that is the reason most of us face this problem – flooded closets. In fact, the closets are so much stuffed that it is a dreadful thing to even open it, forget cleaning it.

In fact, many of you might be thinking of taking a full day off to clean your closet. And invariably it even takes a whole day because you scatter all your clothes on the floor thinking that you will arrange each item one by one.  It is another matter that you are so overwhelmed by the large heap surrounding you that either you dump them all back into your closet or just go to sleep over it. Well, it has happened with me!

You need not fret.  Here is how you can clean and organize your shelf in just 30 minutes:

  1. Clear off clothes that are not needed: The first thing that you should do is in just 5 minutes, decide what you don’t need. A simple way to find it is to discard clothes that you have not worn or even seen since a year. Pack all such clothes into a basket to be given away. Lo! Your closet will be half empty when you do this. This will just take 5 minutes.
  2. Keep only those clothes that are needed for the weather: If it is summer, then keep your rainy clothes or winter clothes out of the closet into a storage box.  And vice versa. This will save much of your closet space. This might take another 5 minutes.
  3. Clear other stuffs: Remove any other thing that you encounter such as lotions, underwear, hair bands, etc. Collect and keep them where they belong. Keep underwear in the drawer, lotions in the bathroom and hair bands, etc in the dressing table. This will only take 5 minutes again.
  4. Collect and arrange the remaining: Now start arranging, jeans with jeans, trousers with trousers, capris with capris, shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, tops with tops, T-shirts with t-shirts.  Never mind color, just arrange them as per the type. Remember to keep those things in front that you use daily and those clothes you only need on certain occasions can go behind. This might take, may be, 10 minutes.
  5. The last 5 minutes on the floor: Now devote the last 5 minutes of the 30 minutes looking and cleaning the floor. Look for shoes or sandals that have worn out or those you might never put on again. Discard those that are not needed.

That is done. You have now managed to clean and organize your closet in just 30 minutes. You should devote these 30 minutes to your wardrobe every week. When you arrange and clean your closet every week, you might not even need 30 minutes to clean your closet then.