10 Unusual uses of baby powder

Baby powder has a lot of uses apart from being sprinkled on your baby’s bottom. Not only are they made from safe ingredients, but they also have no side effects.

So let’s find out what we can do with baby powder other than using it for our little ones.

1. Lighten setting powder

If you have purchased a shade of setting powder that is too dark for your skin, you can mix it with baby powder and make it a shade or two lighter, instead of having to throw it out.

2. Make lipstick last longer

A lot of us have the habit of eating off our lipstick or they generally get wiped off. To make lipstick last longer, you can dust your lips with baby powder, between coats, so that the lip color has a good drip on your lips and won’t come off so easily.

3. Dry Shampoo

You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo. Simply apply a pinch (not more) of powder to your scalp, at the roots of your hair and rub thoroughly. Brush as usual. What the powder does is that it absorbs all the oil and sweat on your scalp and makes it clean.

4. Add dimension to your lashes

If you are not blessed with thick lashes, don’t fret. Sprinkle baby powder between applying coats of mascara and see how your lashes transform with the added volume and length.

The bonus comes in the form of the baby powder preventing the mascara from spreading and smudging.

5. Reduces shine on the face

If you are stuck with oily skin and it shows every time you sweat, lightly brush on some baby powder. The powder absorbs all the moisture on the face that makes it look oily and shiny.

This trick is loved by photographers all across the globe, as the heat of the camera is bound to make anyone sweat. The baby powder works better as it comes without any tint.

6. Waxing

If we have oily skin or have just undergone a body spa treatment, the wax will not have a grip on your skin. Apply baby powder onto the area to be waxed and the wax will settle itself on the hair to be waxed and improve the grip, thereby causing less pain while waxing.

7. Cuts and scrapes

Liberally sprinkle baby powder or small nicks and cuts to clot easily. You can even use it on the insides of your thighs due to chaffs caused by the heat and sweat.

8. Beach cleanup

Sand from your feet can be difficult to scrape off when you visit the beach. Simply pour baby powder all over the feet and gently brush off.

9. Stinky sweaty feet

If you have to put on shoes and your feet are all sweaty, apply baby powder all over your feet and on the insides of the clean shoes so that the shoe does not absorb the sweat from your feet.

10. Reduce sweaty sheets in bed

Wild nights in bed can get uncomfortable in the heat in summer, especially when the air conditioners aren’t functioning.

So sprinkle baby powder all over the sheets to reduce the sweaty icky feelings.