10 Myths and Facts About Hair Loss in Women

Isn’t it horrifying to find tons of your hair strands in your hair brush or on your pillow or even in the drain of your shower? Is it the water or the food we eat? If we research, we can come up with tons of answers on our hair loss.

But not all that we read is true. So after research and talking to a few dermatologists I have figured out some facts and myths about hair loss which will do every one a bit of good, if shared.

So here are the facts and myths about hair loss in women:

1. Only older women lose hair: Myth

Most of us are under the wrong impression that only as we age we tend to lose hair. Women undergoing hormonal changes and even those with a family history of hair loss can expect to lose hair.

Another important cause of hair loss is the lack of essential nutrients in one’s diet. As our mothers often told us, ‘What you eat shows on your hair and skin’.

2. Biotin cures hair loss: Myth

Lack of biotin, which is essential B complex vitamins, is extremely rare. So while over the counter biotin can help reduce breakage and make hair healthier, it will not help in terms of hair loss. Hair loss problems are usually genetic or hormonal or even nutritional and rarely biotin related.

3. Coloring hair makes it fall off: Fact

Applying a lot of chemicals on your hair can ruin its structure and texture, leading to weakened and damaged hair.

As a matter of fact any treatment done to the hair that involves chemicals or creating any tension on the hair will damage your hair. So try to avoid using heating appliances to style your hair or even chemicals like bleach or color to change your look.

4. Birth control pills cause hair loss: Fact

A hormone called progesterone, found in birth control has been found to make hair thinner and finer. So if you have a family history of hair loss and you have been experiencing hair loss ever since you started the pill, it is times you talked to your doctor about prescribing a birth control pill without the progesterone, so that you don’t lose all your tresses.

5. Stress makes your hair fall out: Fact

The debate on whether you hair falls out when you face stressful situations has been one to be a part of many debates. The fact is that extreme stressful situations only cause hair fall. You can expect to lose hair after stressful situations like child birth, an accident or any other trauma causing stress.

Any simple stressful situations like losing your identification cards or fighting with your spouse are not considered stressful enough for hair loss.

6. High testosterone makes hair fall out: Fact

High testosterone literally does not make hair fall off. Testosterone is converted in our body into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). The conversion process of testosterone into DHT leads to hair fall, as this process damages the hair follicle.

So while the bodies of people who are more successful at converting testosterone into DTH experience more hair loss, you might have to ask a doctor to prescribe you an anti-androgen to block the effect of these hormones.

7. All hair loss is permanent: Myth

Hair loss in all cases is not permanent. For example women after child birth shed a lot of hair, due to the stress involved in child birth. But such hair fall is usually temporary and the hair grows back soon enough. Find the cause of the hair fall and arrest the culprit and see your hair grow back to normal in no time.

For example if poor nutrition is a cause for hair fall, you can add supplements to your diet and get your hair growing back again.

8. Shampooing results in hair loss: Myth

A lot of people feel that they lose hair when they enter the shower. That is not so. Shedding happens all the time but the only thing is that we notice it the most when we take a shower.

In fact not shampooing our hair causes more harm than benefit. The dirt, grime and oil that collects in our hair and scalp due to not shampooing our head actually promotes hair fall and the growth of bacteria and dandruff.

9. Too much sun exposure causes hair fall: Myth

Your scalp might get burnt without sun screen but your hair actually benefits from the vitamin D that the sun has to offer.

Vitamin D gives life to your hair and encourages hair to grow and shift from the resting phase to the growing phase. You actually might experience hair fall if you lack sun exposure.

10. Hair loss for men and women is the same: Myth

The hair loss patterns for both men and women are different. Men generally lose hair with a receding hair line, whereas for women it is by thinning on top of the head.