It is a well-known fact that people hardly consider colours that match their skin tone. We often choose outfits based on our favourite colours, patterns, quality, and price. However, it is essential to keep skin tone in mind before choosing an outfit. It will be great if you can have your personal preferences based on the skin tone for a complete look. 

Read on to know how to determine your skin tone and the best colours to match your skin tone. 

Types of Skin Tones

 Skin tones are categorized into three types:  

Warm: Peach, yellow, and golden are warm skin tones.

Cool: Pink, red and blue are cool skin tones.

Neutral: It’s a combination of warm and cool skin tones.  

How Can I Tell Which Skin Tone I Have?

Determining your skin won’t cost you much. It can be easily identified with several things available at home. Follow these simple steps to determine your skin tone.

Test 1: Check Your Veins

Look at the colour of the vein near your wrist. If the veins are,

Green – you have a warm skin tone

Blue or Purple – you have a cool skin tone

Colourless/matches your skin colour – you have a neutral undertone

Test 2: Do the Paper Test

If you are not satisfied with the vein test you go for the paper test. Follow these simple steps:  

  • Take a white paper and stand in front of the mirror
  • Hold the white paper against your skin, near your chest or throat.
  • Now check the reflection of your skin in the mirror.

If your skin tone looks,

Pink, rose, or blueish-red – you  have a cool skin tone

Yellow, golden, or green – you have a warm skin tone

Neither pink nor yellow –   you have a neutral skin tone

Test 3: Check Your Skin’s Reaction to Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can help you determine your skin tone. If your skin gets sunburned you have a cool skin tone whereas if your skin tans in sun exposure it means you have a warm skin tone. For neutral tones, they neither get sunburns nor tan. 

Choosing the Right Clothing for Your Complexion

Cool Skintone 

As cool skin tones have light or pale features you can opt for deep purple, emerald green, purple, lavender, pink and bright blues. Also, warmer colours like pale yellows, and rose red could look good on you. 

Warm Skintone

Earth colour palettes will look good on warm skin tones. You can choose colours like brown, green, mustard yellow and warm red. Other colours that you can choose are coral, peach, amber, and gold. In case you want some cool colours choose beige, taupe, and cream. 

Neutral Skintone

Those who have a neutral skin tone can try both warm and cool colours. They can wear outfits in sage green, peach, light olive, cream, or light pink.

Knowing your skin tones may help you select your outfits carefully. If you are still not sure about the tests and your skin tones, approach a dermatologist or beauty expert, they will help you figure out your skin tone.