Top 10 Gardening Mistakes

Gardening is a lot of effort. But it can be an activity that you take up to de-stress or even to lose weight. There is something about this activity that relaxes you and puts you at ease. It could be the aspect of dealing with something living and something so beautiful and precious.

So let’s have a look at what most of us get wrong while gardening, especially for first-timers:

1. Not airing the soil

Once in a while it’s a good idea to air the soil. Remove the soil from the ground and loosen it, along with mixing it with organic compost.

The air in the soil is essential for the plants to absorb the water and air from the roots. They might not be able to absorb to their maximum potential if the soil is not properly aired.

2. Pulling out flowers instead of weeds

Know the difference between the plants that you have placed in your garden and educate yourself on the types of weeds and their flowers.

Pull out the right ones, unless you want to land up with a garden full of weeds.

3. Not preparing the soil

If the soil is devoid of nutrients, chances are that anything that you grow in it will not develop properly.

Ideally you should be mixing your soil with organic compost before you think of opting for the chemical variety of fertilizers.

4. Over watering

Watering plants can cause plants to rot instead of growing. So access the dampness in the soil before you start watering the plant.

5. Planting invasive plants in ground

There are some plants that are invasive. Once planted, they are hard to get rid of.

For example you might pull out every single plant but after a few weeks don’t be surprised to find the same plant growing in some corner of the garden.

6. Not protecting your garden

Lives other than humans love to eat plants. So it might be a good idea to build a fence around the planted areas so that little critters and even household pets do not ruin your garden.

7. Not giving the plants enough sunlight

All plants need adequate sunlight to grow. So before you plant make sure the place gets enough sunlight to grow.

Decide the plants location after considering the amount of light a plant needs in a day.

8. Using too many seeds

There are some plants that require only a single seed to grow. Most of us are in the impression that planting many seeds will increase the success rate of plants growth.

But some plants just grow like wild fire like pumpkins and other vining plants. So do not simply scatter tons of seeds. Plant wisely.

9. Spraying on too much pesticide

Pesticide can actually do more harm than benefit. Plants grown naturally without using chemicals are the best. Use organic fertilizers that do not ruin the plants nor do they affect the fertility of the soil.

10. Planting too tightly

Plants all need their space. It might not be a good idea to plant more than one plant in a pot, unless you are planting a creeper that needs the support of another plant.

If you plant too many in a pot, there won’t be enough space for either of the plants to grow or get the required nutrition from the soil.