How to Get Pregnant Sooner

So you’ve been trying to get pregnant. For some people who aren’t trying, they are blessed with a baby and you’re not.

Here are some tips which you can follow to increase your chances for getting pregnant.

  • Catch some sleep-Your body needs its rest. The body works best on a proper night rest. So sleep and see the difference in your body’s functioning. As a matter of fact, women who were on fertility treatments found better results when they slept regularly during the treatment.
  • Drink less aerated drinks-Research has proved that women who drink less aerated drinks have better chances of conceiving a baby as compared to those who drank a lot of soda and other aerated drinks.
  • Do not go overboard with exercise-Exercise what your body requires or is capable of handling. Do not exercise too much and tax your body. If you landup doing too much, your body will not be ready to take up the task of creating a baby. So exert only what your body is ready to take up.
  •  Reduce TV time-Studies have proved that men who spend a lot of time in front of the TV have a low sperm count, as compared to those who dint watch any. So keep your man away from the couch and the idiot box to get pregnant sooner.
  • Stress-If you can’t cope with stress, then your body also goes into stress mode and does not function as effectively as it should.In most cases it was proved that ovulation slowed down or completely stopped when the women took up a lot of stress in life.
  • Weight-Men who are suffering from weight issues are likely to have problems in their sperm count.  So stay fit and healthy and make your partner lose weight and exercise to be fit as well, so that you guys can have a kid.
  • Mint-Mint is said to lower the sperm count of men. Make your man avoid chewing gum containing mint and even other food products that contain it. Increase your chances of getting pregnant by cutting mint out from your partners diet completely.
  •  Smoking-Smoking is bad for all sorts of reasons. One more reason that can be added to the never ending list is that of infertility. Smoking can have a direct negative impact on a man’s sperm count. So quit the habit int eh butt before it gets the better of you.
  •  Mobile Phone-We get a lot of warning to keep our mobile phones away from under your pillows while asleep and not in our pockets. The radiation emitted from these electronic devices is said to harm us.Research has proved that one main factor in reduced sperm count in this decade is the placing of mobile phones in their pant pockets or fixed on their belts.So why take chances. Ask your partner to hold his phone elsewhere and not on himself to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

All the best in your efforts to get pregnant.