Office politics are a part of every work environment. Every working person has to experience the office politics in their lifetime. When there are more people, things like jealousy, back biting and rear licking are very common. Often politics involves some abnormal species like annoying colleagues, devilish bosses and jealous subordinates. People are often involved in these politics and it becomes a vicious circle.

Some people think office politics as a taboo but a few tips on how to handle office politics can make the situation easier.

  1. Follow a friendly and cordial relation with all in the office. You never know that who will benefit you. When a friendly relation is maintained in the office, it normally never changes and has lesser issues with each other. Being friendly and nice with all can help you get information and will make you understand the things going around. But never support wrong things. Being nice doesn’t mean that you agree to every situation. You have your own opinion and you should learn to put across your opinion at the right time.
  2. Observe people around you and understand the mind of your colleagues and seniors. Observe their behavior and understand the thing that makes them happy and motivates them. Be a good listener and a good observer and definitely, everyone will talk to you.
  3. Think in a different way. Out of the box thinking can help solve many problems.
  4. Try to be patient and genuine especially when you are dealing with cunning and cribbing people. Mingle with people and be cordial with them, but make sure that you sound genuine. Be yourself and natural, you should ne naturally concerned. Be silent, don’t speak much and do not go overboard.
  5. One person cannot change the system.  Be true to yourself, you are working there to serve the company. Leave the organization if you feel burdened, and if the things go beyond your personal values.
  6. There is a saturation point to everything and a limit to sustain everything. Some people cannot survive the company of cunning, jealous and rear licking people. When you feel the conscious is going to give up now, better take action and leave the place. Remember, there are other places to work. If you don’t, sooner you will join the gang of people who have no self esteem and they just exist.
  7. Understand that you have to judge people in the office when it is specially surrounded by politics. You should know when to speak and make sure that it does not reach the wrong ears. Speaking in front of wrong people may use it to their benefit sometimes and you may never know it.
  8. Try to stay calm and be patient when you are working. Practicing patience will make you happier and will make you less stressful. You will be happier working and this will result  in better concentration in your work.
  9. Try to stay away from all office gossip as it will be nothing good for you. Never advise and listen to things that are not related to you.

No matter where you work and how intense is the office politics, always have a positive attitude and an assertive way of thinking. This will help you concentrate on your work and achieve what you deserve.