Dressing Appropriately for Office Meetings

The corporate world has its own rules. A person can easily get bewildered with them when he first enters this new environment after the care-free and casually dressed college days. Of course, there are many companies that allow casual to semi-casual dresses. However, in most companies with stricter dress-codes it could well be the time to say goodbye to those colorful jeans and tees and replace them with sober and even boring formal shirts and trousers.

When it comes to office meetings, there are some underlined rules too that need to be followed if one wants to fit perfectly in the corporate atmosphere. Your dress makes a profound impression on the people present at the meeting. It is an integral and important part of your self-presentation and therefore should always be taken seriously. These rules vary from company to company, but certain basic rules persist across the world. Following are some simple guidelines to look charmingly professional in any office meeting.

Simple and professional

When attending an office meeting, it is important to know the purpose behind the occasion and your part in it. A meeting is held in order to discuss important office matters, share ideas and make certain decisions. It is a formal occasion and has an undeniable shade of seriousness to it. Wearing flashy colors will ruin the very purpose behind the occasion. It is therefore best to wear the good old formal attire. A plain, full-sleeved shirt and a well-fitted pair of trousers will make you look professional in the meeting. A matching tie will make for the perfect dress for the office meeting. For women, a decent suit with a matching skirt or trousers will look fine. A light makeup will make their appearance pleasing.

Choose colors wisely

The color of your dress is as important and plays a big part in sending the right message across the meeting hall. While a bright and bold color might be good for a CEO to attract people’s attention and create a commanding impression, they can be a bit aggressive and over-the-top for a office-worker to wear for an office meeting. Keeping the colors simple and sober is best as it will help you come across as a reliable and open-minded person.

White is the most common color and goes along well with almost any trouser color. Light shades of yellow, beige or blue are also good choices for the occasion. Even if you choose to wear patterned design for the shirt, wear light patterns that are not too heavy on the eyes. And if you are the one who cares for subtle nuances in color-matching, then wearing a tie matching the color of your eyes will create a subtle balance complimenting well the rest of the attire.

Keep accessories to a minimum

Accessories are meant to compliment the dress and should never be overwhelming. Wear only those that are absolutely necessary and fit the occasion. Wear cufflinks and watches that go well with the colors and style of your outfit and also your personality. A matching briefcase will add to the professional look. Well-polished and matching black or brown leather shoes will give completion to your dress.