common resume mistakes

Resume writing can be termed as an activity requiring appropriate skill. In fact, it’s an art.  Resume or Curriculum Vitae or simply CV is essentially a compilation of information about candidate aspiring for certain situations. The information consists of various facets of an individual, like education, specialization, experience, achievements and other relevant details. The information has to be packaged in a suitable format to get the desired attention. Resume writer is required to first envisage the destination of the document.

It is obvious that the primary purpose of a resume is appealing and pleasing presentation of an individual’s credentials for certain simple or specialist placement. Thus, the resume has to have the quality of impressing the reader.  Few tips would help in avoiding errors in the resume. Many people cannot make a judgment about the pros and cons of a particular way of resume writing.

10 common yet avoidable errors your resume has

  1. A resume is a formal document. It has to be kept simple. Hyperbole or verbosity is best avoided. Eloquence of language does not necessarily translate into lasting impression. Simple and honest use of appropriate language fetches good results.
  2. Selection of paper for writing resume must be given thought. Usage of shiny paper or flashy ornamental formats needs to be avoided. The practice of using the extravagantly bright look of a resume may often repulse the reader.
  3. Mention of pronouns such as “I”, “my” in resume seems inappropriate. Writing should be rephrased to drop such words.
  4. Grammatical and typographical mistakes invariably lower standard of resume. All achievements mentioned in the CV will fall flat if the syntax is erroneous.
  5. Repetition of details leads to boredom of the reader. Resume writer needs to bear in mind that concisely written resume conveys greater strength of individual than long and elaborate paragraphs.
  6. Excessive embellishments, graphics use extra space in CV. They are best avoided, unless they are inseparable parts of requisite descriptions. Sometimes resume writers tend to believe that ornamental visual presentation would entail positive responses. However, in practice, it is not true. Weighing of resume would be in the intrinsic strength.
  7. Mention of irrelevant descriptions drives the reader away and hence need to be avoided. Resume writer must make the document in such a way that the reader feels that the details mentioned are appropriate and applicable.
  8. Use of pompous or high sounding words need to be avoided in CV writing. Application of jargon in CV would be counterproductive. It is misleading to believe that the use of jargon would impress the reader or the hiring agency. In practice, it is exactly the opposite effect.
  9. Presentation of hazy picture about achievements is certainly an avoidable error. It is better to give as clear picture about self as possible. Vague descriptions to convey higher achievements may prove temporarily profitable, but would be losing proposition with the passage of time.
  10. Truthfulness is an essential ingredient in any write up of self. Obfuscating personal details pertaining to previous employment would create doubts in the minds of prospective employers.

A quick summary of above mentioned avoidable errors in CV writing would essentially be staying clear of unnecessary and cloudy garble of words. The aim of presenting individual’s suitability for a particular job is best achieved by crisp and clear exposition.