How to survive if you don’t fit in?

Difference between Men and Women:

In general women are better caretakers than men. They are compassionate. Women have a natural tendency to help others. But the dynamics of their emotions are really complicated. Men can connect with each other by hanging out in a bar, playing a sport or game, watching a movie together, scuffle and go home to have a peaceful sleep and wake up as if none of them matter.

What Women do?

It’s not the case with women. Most of the times women end up gossiping about each other and talk behind backs. As they feel that it is the least they can do to sleep well but still end up sleeping on it!

Is it their innate nature?

Women have a deeper sense of ownership. Exhibiting ownership sense is their innate nature. Be it house hold or office women take complete ownership. It is one of the reasons that many of them have an uptrend career graph. Well and good until they are aware and maintain a territorial courtesy.

Why are they awful to each other?

In fact women are able to build a relationship quicker than men. But it is purely based on purpose. Men can be in the present and value the relationship being in the moment. Whereas women tend to keep the future or outcome in mind. For e.g. if two women can really connect well it is because they are mutually benefited by it. Sometimes they are aware of it too. With this understanding their relationship grows stronger by day. But often times the so-called friendship is built entirely on the fact that both of them hate the third woman. It brings some kind of satisfaction. I would rather not use the word pleasure!

Who will pay the price?

Women are better players in a quid pro quo scenario as they are able to come out without leaving any foot prints. I wonder whether the society trains the girls to be pretentious, manipulative and judgmental? Faint praise, avoidance, bullying, browbeat are very common in the women world. But ironically these are well accepted and shoved under the rug by the women clan themselves as these are mutually interchanged. However, in general an honest and self-introspective woman finds it very difficult to be one among the rest. It is not that women don’t help women. But your chances of connecting with women of same interests around you are greatly narrowed down if you are honest and dare to speak your mind out.


If you are one among that tiny population who is not able to fit in the group it can leave you isolated at times especially in a work place. However, know that your constant absence in a group will cause you missed opportunities and grooming of your skills. Best advice would be to learn the trade and be a part of it while not giving up on your sincerity and honesty. Easier said than done but there is a saying that practice makes things perfect. Right?!