latest hair style for teenagers

Teenagers love to experiment with new and latest hairstyles that make them look cool among their friends. There are many hat fashions that can be done on one’s own without any need to visit hair salons. Many teenagers face the challenge of frizzy hair. They should go for a hairstyle that helps them to tackle this problem effectively. Hairspray can be used for this purpose.

Some of the latest hair fashions that are making rounds in the current fashion world are

Bedhead glamour

Bedhead glamour

In this hair style, a teenager can sport a messy yet stylish look. Dry and clean hair can be held together using hair spray. Paddle brush can be used to pull hair back creating a soft parting in the center in the fringe area. Extra texture can be gained by using curling iron. Fringe hair can fall softly on the forehead with rest of the hair pinned back in a loose knot. This will offer a messy look which is quite in vogue these days.

Candy curls

candy curls

This hair fashion is also quite popular among young girls. Hairspray can be used to lightly hold clean and completely dry hair. A diagonal side parting can be created and the hair can be brushed in smooth strokes. Hair can be wrapped around a big barrel iron to give them curls. Curl direction can be alternated as one work backwards thereby creating soft curls. These curls can be held in place by using bobby pins. This style looks chic and stylish on innocent teenagers’ faces.

Dutch braids

dutch braid

This style is basically a braid which is made using a triangular section of hair in the front working backwards. This section must be close to the fringe. It can also be considered as a French braid style. Enhancing volume and texture, this style allows the braid to sit on the surface giving an elegant look. The braid can be taken backwards and pinned using pins or a clutch. A bun can also be formed.

Fairy twist

fairy twist

In order to create this style a center parting is created. It starts from the crown and then moving backwards. Paddle brush can be used to smoothen hair neatly. Stray hair can be gathered and tucked nicely. Bobby pins can be used to secure them. Hair donut can be used for extra volume. One side can be simply snipped oft the side and stretched into tube shape. Hair can be tucked and rolled. This gives a look just like a fairy.

Sky hive

Sky hive

This is a simple and stylish hair style and quite common among teenagers. Girls who have long hair can gather their hair from the fringe and take them backwards creating an extended hive. This not only makes a girl look taller but also make her look quite attractive and appealing. Hair needs to be brushed to get a shine as well as bounce.

The above hair fashions can make a teenager look stylish and elegant and the center of attraction in parties.