Shoulder robing is the new way to power up your look

Careless Beauty attracts attention. Very rightly, a careless beauty is surely to roll heads. Looking all neat and decked up in a professional forum is the rule of the game but the identity and care freeness gets stuck into that professional forum. While taking a stroll on the road after office hours or on a weekend, wearing the jacket or the waist coat would be the professional way. Trying to robe it on the shoulders would give that boost to the carefree attitude while giving that powerful look just like the queens and the emperors.

 What is Shoulder Robing?

Shoulder robbing is the professional term used for simply hanging the jacket or the waistcoat on from the shoulder rather than putting the hands inside the sleeves. It is the latest trend to carry the jacket with a power packed image and get the heads rolling. Two basic purposes are served with shoulder robbing – one the cold is surely done away with and two – the beauty quotient is not reduced by the packed look.

The style has been in use for quite some time though it was used to be referred to as ‘wearing the coat like a cape’ or very casually drawn similarity to a superhero. The term ‘Shoulder Robing’ gives it the fashion quotient and is classy to hear as well. While shoulder robbing, the posture should be correct to give the style look. The look goes well only while standing, that too while standing straight. A slight hunch can destroy the power look and the jacket might look like a blanket wrapped around the body. A deliberate attempt to carry the jacket of your shoulders would be supported only by a straight upfront stature and posture of the body. Also, a shoulder bag would not be the right accessories going with this power look, a clutch bag can though be carried held tightly between the body and the forearm or a designer clutch can be carried in your hands casually. A cross body bag can also enhance the look.

The look can be carried off while taking a casual stroll down the street or while walking down confidently off the office corridors. The passers by are sure to turn their heads to watch the power look. The look essentially portrays a busy persona with no time even to slip the arms into the sleeves. This carelessness enhances the beauty of the persona all the more. Shoulder Robing, though limits the pace of walking and the use of mobile phones while strolling.

Shoulder Robing by Beauty Divas

Many of the Hollywood Beauty Divas such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, and Rihanna have been spotted at various events and functions with their shoulder robbing style quotient. The models at the Milan Fashion Week held in February this year sported this ‘Shoulder Robing’ look on the ramp.

Though a fantastic idea to carry the ‘Oh I am so busy’ look in a fashionable way, the look has certain limitations which if not followed carefully can dampen the entire look and convert it to a blanket shielded lady waiting to protect her from ripe tomatoes.