How to avoid puffy eyes after late night hangouts

Many of us have suffered from puffy eyes once in a while that may result due to late night parties, stress, exhaustion, unhealthy diet, and lack of sleep. In order to solve this problem, we have tried under eye bags that come with glasses and coolers. Eyes are our windows that help us to see the world and enjoy its beauty. We would not look nice and attractive if we have puffy eyes. Using different measures can help in getting rid of this problem. There are several natural remedies that can help.

 Home remedies for getting rid of under Eye Bags

There are many reasons why people suffer from this problem at the first place. Skipping healthy and nutritious diet, enjoying late night parties, over makeup etc can result in this situation. The skin under the eyes is quite delicate and any harm coming to the skin can result in puffiness. In order to solve this problem, some natural remedies can be tried at home. There are several remedies and many of them bring about a fast relief in this condition. Most of these home remedies are very simple to follow and work to a considerable extent. Some home remedies may be suitable for some people and some may not. Thus, one needs to try these remedies to find out which one suits them best.

Some most common and popular remedies are

  1. Fresh tomato juice can be applied below the eyes. It is considered to be one of the best ways of getting rid of under eye puffiness. Other vegetable juices that can be used are cucumber juice, pineapple, potato, oranges, etc. The best way to use this juice is by dipping a washcloth on the under eye and keep it for some time.
  2. Mint or rosemary herbal base can also be used for excellent results. It is believed that mint has natural ingredients that work magically on the puffiness below the eyes. When using this product, care should be taken that only small quantities are used.
  3. Splashing cold water on face first thing in the morning can also reduce puffiness. The skin vessels dilate as a result of cold water which helps in immediate shrinking of pores on the skin thereby reducing puffiness.
  4. If juice is not available, one can also place cucumber or potato slices can also be kept on the closed eyes. Before using these slices, these slices can be kept in the freezer. Hand must be propped over the pillows.
  5. These slices can be placed on the eyes for at least ten minutes.
  6. Eye sheets, eye patches and various other creams and treatments on the puffy eyes containing ginseng, retinol, and more ingredients that brings about a remarkable change in the condition.
  7. Massage with light hands also brings change in the condition of the eyes.
  8. Pressing cool spoon under the eyes also helps.

Above tips can help in getting rid of under eye puffiness.