We’ve all been there: sleepless nights from staying up with work to stress thinking about all the tasks that are needed to complete the following day or even just plain exhaustion.  All these factors cause the under-eye skin to look dull and pale, resulting in dark circles. I know dark circles can be really annoying, so here we are with some basic yet essential tips that can help you conceal those raccoon eyes like a pro.

Choose the right shade Concealer

Before you even get into the process, choosing the right shade of concealer is the most important step. Matching your skin tone goes with your foundation, not with your concealer.  You need to choose a concealer that is a 1-2 shade lighter than your skin tone. Do not check them in the store light, because they might appear different when you are in daylight.

Moisturizing is the key

The first step before applying your concealer is to moisturize. Generally, the skin under eyes is thin and delicate that they can show premature aging if not moisturized well.  Also, your moisturized skin acts as the best base for the makeup to stay longer.

Color correction

After you moisturize your skin, the next step is to color correct. Color correcting is a major step that one has to keep in mind before even applying your concealer. It helps to even out the skin tone.  Without this step, you’ll have a grayish hue visible despite concealing.

You can neutralize the dark circles either by using color corrector or with the right shade of lipstick as well.

Firstly you should know the undertone of your dark circle in order to choose the right color corrector.

  • If they appear to be brown then choose a reddish toned color corrector
  • If your dark circles are purple or blue, balance them out with an orange corrector
  • If they are red or pink, try a corrector with greenish undertones.

Blend Blend Blend

Once you’re done with color-correcting, the next step is to apply concealer. The right way of applying concealer is in an upside-down triangle.

Blend the concealer until the base coat of your color corrector disappears. The best way to blend is by using a brush as they spread out evenly on your skin. You can also trust your fingers but use your ring finger as they tend to apply less pressure than the other fingers.

Set with powder

Apply a thin layer of powder to set the concealer. Setting powder can reduce the sticky feeling, absorb excess oil or the shine that concealer has after applied and can make the skin texture seem finer. You can skip this step if you have dry skin.