5 Tips to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom

Do you want to surprise you partner with a romantic evening at home? Do you want to set the mood for the night? If yes, then here are some tips to bring in the heat to your bedroom and contribute to the romance of it all:

1. Use red to adorn the room

Red is a very attractive and sensual color. It can be as simple as decorating the room with red heart shaped balloons or using red pillow covers for white bed sheets. Red is the color of passion. You can make your room look more interesting by replacing your regular light bulb with a red bulb. Don’t be surprised to find your partner looking all lovey-dovey with your room having an attractive red element in it.

2. Scent

Smell is another sense that takes us to another world and knocks us off our feet. Research has proved that there are certain smells that trigger the romance in us. You can experiment by mixing various naturally scented oils or candles like vanilla, cinnamon or even chocolate.

3. Smooth touch

Touching smooth and silky stuff will help set the mood. So go in for satin or silk sheets. You can make it more interesting by tossing a basket full of rose petals on your bed and in a nice pattern on the floor near the rug.

4. Music

Set the mood with your favorite romantic track. Even instrumentals will do the trick.

5. Food

Leave love snacks all around the room. You must be wondering what on earth are food that stimulate romance. Chocolates, wine, strawberries and even seafood are luxurious treats that can enhance anyone’s mood.

So set the mood and indulge in a heated romantic date with your sweetheart in your own bedroom.