5 Tips to make your room look spacious

Does your room feel too cramped and small? Are you fed up of living in a room with hardly any space to walk?Don’t worry. With a look at a few tips, you can decorate or remodel your room to make it appear larger and give it a fresh lease of life.

  1. Mirrors-Affix mirrors on the walls, preferably long ones. Mirrors make the room appear larger than they actually are and also reflect a lot of light.
  2. Paint and Fabric-Do not use dark colors for painting your walls. Stick to pastel shades. Try to match light colored fabric for your sofas or bed linen. Pastel shades bring in more light to the room and give it a spacious feel.
  3. Furniture-Do not clutter your room with lots of furniture. Keep the furniture simple and to a minimal. Try to buy pieces of furniture that double up as storage. For example, buy a wardrobe with drawers fitted below.
  4.  Lighting-The trick to making a small room appear spacious is to adjust the lighting in such a way that it bounces off the walls and ceiling to make the room appear light and airy and actually fool your mind of the actual size of the room.
  5. Vertical effect and space-Vertical furnishings or storage can give the image of a larger room. For example, if you install bay windows in your room and affix them with floor length curtains, you will trick people into believing that you are living in a large space, caused by the illusion of the huge bay window and the vertically lengthened curtains.

Even painting your walls with vertical stripes can do the trick. A vertical effect creates the visual impression of a large space.Once you incorporate these 5 ideas in your small living space, you can see how your room changes to a more cozy and open space.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf