Being Honest

An honest woman is often bold and unique. Men find it appealing when you are honest about your feelings. It is difficult to get men’s attention if you are selfish, manipulative and egocentric. An honest woman has integrity, truthfulness, good conduct, loyalty and sincerity. She is not being afraid of speaking the truth and acting truthfully. An honest woman admits to her actions even if she will get in trouble. She speaks and acts based on the facts and is true to her conscience. Men are attracted to women who are brutally honest and aren’t afraid to accept their mistakes.

Being Yourself

A woman who isn’t afraid to exhibit her true self attracts men. Men will respect and even adore you for being your true natural self. Men get detracted from women who are pompous and pretentious. Having self-respect and not living life to other’s expectations helps you to be yourself. Men adore women who are happy and who live in the moment. Men are naturally attracted when you are being yourself rather than a person you want to be. To be yourself you should improve the quality of your thinking. Know that it is important to figure out who you are and then accept yourself as you are to be yourself.

Being Resourceful

A resourceful woman is rational, open-minded and often helping others out of problems. Being ingenious, creative, spirited and enthusiastic are the traits of a resourceful woman. She is able to radiate hope and courage. She has incredible work ethics and is an exemplary example to others. She is spontaneous and quick in solving her problems and of others. Men would find such a woman irresistible.


A confident woman radiates positivity, courage and self-esteem. She believes in what she does and has faith in herself. Her confidence shows that she is a learned woman. A woman with nurtured abilities and skills will exhibit extraordinary confidence. She is able to manifest positivity around her. She is ready for any kind of challenge and is good at finding solutions. Men would love to be around confident women as they are energetic. Also, they can take care of themselves without depending on others.

Sense of Humor

Life gets much better when you’re laughing for you and the people around you. Naturally, happy women are healthier than the ones who don’t want to smile. A woman with a good sense of humor knows to let go of others’ mistakes and doesn’t hold a grudge against someone. She prioritizes laughter in her life and men will love a woman who makes them laugh. A woman with a sense of humor is a lot more creative and has sharper memory. However, mean spirited jokes which would hurt others are definitely a turn off for men. It would translate directly to cunningness and insensitivity. A woman who could take off others’ stress through witty sense of humor will never fail to get men’s attention.