6 Top reasons that you might be suffering from brittle hair

Most of us have suffered from brittle hair at some point or the other in our lives. There are a million reasons to having brittle hair but some of the most obvious reasons can be frequent washing, excessive chemical treatments or even something as simple as the weather.

Here are the top reasons to be suffering from brittle hair:

1. Combing hair when wet

A lot of us know that hair gets damaged when we comb them while being wet but we still continue this practice. It’s about time you stopped. When we comb our hair when it’s wet, it becomes brittle and breaks the entire structure of your hair. If you really want to comb through your hair when wet, comb your hair with a wide toothed comb to spread a bit of leave-on conditioner.

2. Hormonal changes

Sometimes for reasons which are beyond our control our hair gets brittle and damaged. So if you’ve recently had a baby and you’re wondering why your hair is so frizzy, your recent delivery might be the culprit.

3. Blow drying already fully dried hair

Your hair needs to be slightly damp when it is blow-dried. You should never style it with completely dry hair. High heat on dry hair will damage the cuticle of the hair and leave it all frizzy. To style your hair, do it on slightly damp hair and ensure your heated styling appliance is not at an extreme temperature that is sure to cause damage.

4. Weather

Along with the summer or winter comes the time in which we suffer from terrible hair. Avoid exposure of the hair to excessive sun or to heat from heating devices in the winter as it can lead to damage of the hair. Lock in the moisture and keep away from the heat and cold.

5. Smoothening treatments

The use of harsh chemical on our hair makes it dry and strips it of its natural oils. So do not attempt to repeat such treatments more than once.

6. Wrong hair products

Everyone has a different hair types and texture that has different needs. So be careful before you share your sister’s shampoo or styling gel. Use the hair product that suits your hair type unless you want to damage your hair.

Now that you have nailed down the reasons of your brittle hair, it’s time to say goodbye to those dry strands of hair.