Tips to Remove Wallpaper

We all use wallpaper to adorn our walls. They give our walls a wonderful and unique look. But the problem arises when we have to get them off our walls.

In some countries, most landlords do not permit their tenants to affix wallpapers with the worries that they can be tiresome to get them off the walls. If you are a person who worries about how you will get wallpaper off the walls, do not worry. It is not as scary as it looks.

Here are some tips to make the job of stripping your walls easier:

1. Determine the wall surface and paper

Pull off a sample from a corner so that you can determine the wallpaper and the best way to remove it. You should also see the extent to which the paper has been stuck to the wall and also to see if it can be easily removed in a quick act or it requires other elaborate methods of removal.

2. Removal method or technique

Different techniques are required for different wallpapers and wall surfaces.

3. Strip

The new varieties of wallpaper are peelable and easily come off. If you can get your wallpaper off in one go then you can’t get luckier.

So if you are blessed to have walls with peelable wallpaper, simply try to pry the edge of the wallpaper off and then gently pull, using the apt amount of pressure at the pulling end, close to the lifting edge. Wipe away any residue with hot water and dish washing liquid.

4. Soaking and scraping

Soak the wallpaper with a mixture of water, dish washing liquid and cellulose paste. The cellulose paste helps in holding the water to the paper.

Allow the water to soak for a couple of minutes and scrape the paper off. If it doesn’t ply of that easily then use a spatula kind of tool to get the paper off.

5. Steaming

You might have to use a steamer against the wall or even a hot plate directly to the wall to help loosen the glue that holds the wallpaper to the walls. The wet and scrape as usual.

6. Chemicals

There are tons of chemicals available in the market that also helps in the removal of wallpaper. As a matter of fact, fabric softener will make stubborn wallpaper come off easily.

Scrub the wallpaper gently with a metal scrubber and then soak with fabric softener. Remove as usual with water and dish washing liquid and even with a scraper.

So do try these methods to get the wallpaper off. Once all the wallpaper is off, you will have to do a lot of cleaning, as the removal of wallpaper is a messy task.

Happy removal and cleaning!