These days, kitchens have become advanced places for cooking. Earlier, women used to pour their love and feelings alone when cooking food for their loved ones, but today a wide range of kitchen gadgets are available for their help to make food tastier and delicious. High end kitchen gadgets have also brought about a lot of change in the lives of millions of women who used to spend a majority of their time in the kitchen.

The Top 5 must have kitchen gadgets


1.5-Speed kitchen blender

5 speed kitchen blender

This gadget is a must have in every kitchen as it cuts, churns and make a paste of a variety of things in just a few minutes. This machine is just like a work horse. It can prepare baby foods, smoothies, soups, drinks, sauces, etc. This gadget can fast become your fastest friend. The market is full of a wide range of kitchen blenders. You can select any one of them as per your requirements. It is available in a wide price band, but some high quality gadgets are available at $300.



This is in essence a necessary “first-aid” kit that must be available in every kitchen. If you want to dehydrate excess vegetables, fruits, greens, etc, you can easily do that using this dehydrator. In extreme winter months, all these food items can be converted into delectable munching in no time. If you want to whip amazing items like veggie raw bars with enzymes intact, this gadget will come handy.

3.Food Processor


Food processor is an important gadget that every cook must possess. It comes with a wide range of kitchen blades that simply help you in every perceivable task imaginable in a kitchen. It can cut, it can mince, it can shred, it can churn, it can make dough and what not! It is as if this gadget has 10 hands and can carry out a lot of tasks in a jiffy. There are different containers that come along as attachments in this gadget.

4.Slow cooker

Slow cooker

This is another interesting kitchen gadget that must be bought to enjoy a variety of delectable cuisines. This is a highly versatile gadget that is so workaholic that it can prepare your morning breakfast one night before. As the name suggests, this gadget works on slow cooking principle. Whatever healthy meal you are looking forward to, you can add to this gadget, and in a matter of few hours you will get a balanced meal.

5.Juicer and blender


Last but not the least, a state of the art juicer and blender is also needed in a kitchen. These gadgets can make purees and smoothies in no time. One can also prepare a wide variety of juices that are necessary for a good health.