In spite of all the efforts you take to lose weight, those flabby tissues are quite stubborn and don’t leave that easily. Sometimes, it’s about that extra cup of ice cream that you thought wouldn’t do much damage or the time when you hogged those junk foods on your cheat meal day that’s making it hard for you to shed those extra pounds. Obesity has become a major concern in the world countries and needs to be addressed as early as possible as this might further lead to increased chances of heart attack, diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension. Worry no more, here are 5 vegetables that make you feel full without piling up unwanted calories. Well, of course, without compromising on the taste factor.

1. Cucumber

Being rich in water content makes cucumber an ultimate weight-loss must-eat. Not only does this crunchy veggie make you feel full but also helps in keeping the body hydrated, and thus, flushes out the toxins. With literally no carbs, it is something you can easily chew on the go. Include cucumbers in your daily salads topped with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

2. Cauliflower

Being a high-fiber vegetable, cauliflower sounds absolutely great in terms of taste as well. Cauliflowers and broccolis are from the same family and are loaded with anti-oxidants. These boost immunity while making you feel full. But, before you consume, make sure you boil it well so that it is free of germs. Add this flowery vegetable to your soup and simply relish the goodness.

3. Spinach

Well, Popoye was absolutely right! Spinach holds nutrients like no other veggie and keeps you healthy in every aspect along with helping in weight loss. It is starch-free and hence carbs are a big no-no. It packs good amounts of Vitamin B6 and riboflavin to keep diseases at bay. Other low calorie leafy vegetable such as lettuce, and kale are equally good alternatives that help in losing weight.

4. Chilli

There is something good about Indian cooking. We tend to add a lot of spices in our everyday meal and this is one reason that our country’s obesity ratio is far less than America, Australia, and other economically strong nations. Yes, chilli is one veggie that burns the fat and speeds up the metabolism which, in turn, is helpful in maintaining body weight. Moreover, adding a little spice to your food isn’t that bad, after all.

5. Capsicum

With ultimate fat-burning abilities, capsicum is the most economical vegetable that helps burn the body fat. Along with adding a nice flavor to your meal, it controls blood sugar levels as well. So, the next time you head to the market, make sure you add bell peppers to your shopping basket without fail.

It is always best to lose body fat by natural methods than opting for weight-loss drinks and supplements. A good workout regime and a complementing diet will do the right magic.