10 Commandments of curly hair

People who are blessed with curls are also stuck with the problem of maintaining them. It’s not easy as running a comb through it like we do with silky straight hair. Don’t crib about the fact that you have curly hair.

Just follow these simple rules about curly hair and you’ll feel blessed with what you have.

1. Comb using fingers

Do not use a comb to untangle your curls.Using a brush will only break the natural formation of curls. Simply run your fingers through your hair to untangle them.

Do not use a brush unless you want to land up with a bunch full of curls with tons of frizz.

2. Do not use tons of shampoo or wash it daily

Try to wash your hair using shampoo sparingly. Curly hair is naturally quiet frizzy. So try to avoid shampooing it daily and stripping your hair of its natural oils.

3. Don’t forget to condition

Most of us are rushed and don’t bother conditioning our hair. But let me tell you that conditioning hair is important for curly hair.

Apply conditioner starting from the bottom and applying very little at the top. It takes time for the moisture to reach the roots in curly hair.

4. Style when wet

For curly hair, its best styled when wet. Before towel drying your hair, apply the desired products and style. Curly hair will hold best when wet and if products are applied to wet hair.

5. Do not towel dry

The more friction that you expose your hair to, the more your hair is prone to frizz. Instead of scrubbing your hair dry, gently blot the water using a towel.

6. Do not use products with alcohol in it

Products with alcohol will absorb all the moisture that is present in your hair. Try to buy hair styling products that come without alcohol.

7. Cut your hair when it’s dry

A mistake most people make when cutting their hair is to cut it when it’s wet. For curly hair, the length of the hair coils up when dry.

So if you cut your hair when wet, you might land up with uneven hair. Cut hair when it’s dry so that you know how it will stand on your head.

8. Blow dry with a diffuser

It is better not to concentrate heat to one area of the hair as it can dry it out or leave it looking like strands of frizz.

9.Use satin or silk pillows

Cotton sheets and pillows give a lot of friction to your hair. It is best to sleep on smooth fabrics that keep your hair also silky smooth.

10. Try to avoid heating appliances

As all of us know that heating appliances used to style our hair cause a lot of damage. So it is best to keep away from them and allow hair to dry naturally.