10 ways to recycle your kids old stuff

Before we realize it we land up with a closet full of old clothes, toys and other trinkets of our kids.

Some even carry a lot of sentiments due to which we never part with them and land up filling our homes with a lot of old stuff.

Here is how we can recycle your kids old stuff that we simply store instead of throwing them away:

1. Socks

Most of us just throw away old socks. Why not use them to make interesting stuffed animals for your little one?

2. Instant food jars

Spread your home with jar filled with fresh flowers. You can use old glass instant food jars as vases. And to make them more interesting paint them in bright colors of your choice with varied patterns.

3. Clothes

Parting with those tiny little outfits of your kids can be hard. Why not make your most favorite ones into a memory quilt, to be preserved for the years to come? And the rest of course you can donate to the poor or underprivileged.

4. Diaper boxes

Convert your old diaper boxes into sexy straw baskets to store your kid’s toys or even your laundry.

5. Crib

You don’t have to give away your baby’s crib. Just a little bit of woodwork and elbow grease you can turn it into a beautiful bench for your home.

6. Formula Containers

All homes that have infants drinking formula milk will have hundreds of formula cans or containers. Cover them up with some interesting colorful fabrics, string and other beads and convert it into a drum.

7. Broken crayons

You can put broken crayons to good use. Simply melt them and make colorful candles out of them. They will serve your decorative purpose and even get rid of the trash that you’ve not been able to get rid of.

8. Toy trucks

Use the trunk of the trucks as mini planters. Mini cacti are the ideal plants to be planted in the truck as they don’t require any water.

9. Burp cloths and handkerchiefs

Stitch together old burp cloths and handkerchiefs and use it as a duster. If you wish you can attach a stick or use it as it is.

10. Toy figurines

Your house might be flooded with toy figurines. Use them to create hangers or holders. A few strips of wood, glue and nails and you can create a useful fixture in your house.

The use of the toy figurines in creating this interesting home décor is perfect to hang keys, clothes or any other thing that require hanging.

So use these ideas to recycle the old stuff of your kids in your house and de-clutter the mess that it is causing.