We’ve all seen models walk the ramp with astonishingly long pairs of heels. They make it seem easy, almost like a stroll through the park. But trust me, it is not so easy. Walking in high heels requires a lot of balance and apart from that great care has to be given while buying the perfect pair of long-heeled beauties.

How do I Walk in High Heels?

At first, walking in heels can be difficult, but with practice and the right form, it can become easier. Lower your heels at first, then progressively raise them. Maintain good posture, move slowly, split your weight equally, and use your core muscles. Try your walking on various surfaces, and for added comfort, think about gel inserts. You’ll become more stable and confident over time.

8 Tips that will make walking in a pair of high-heeled

1. Buy a comfortable pair

The key to walking right in heels is to first find a pair that feels comfortable. For example, if you have broad feet, do not try to stick your feet into thin pointy heels. Instead, go in for block-shaped heels. Make sure that you pick a heel that supports the arc of your feet and the toes well.

2. Break it in

It might sound stupid to try and make a decently good pair of new shoes appear old. But break into the shoes so that you can wear it comfortably. Stretch it well so that you do not land up with sores or blisters. You can even scrape the bottom of the soles to give you extra grip while walking.

3. Posture

Take good care of your posture when you walk in a pair of heels. Keep your shoulders straight and back and walk straight.

4. Take small steps

We automatically tend to take smaller steps when walking with heels. Change the way you walk. If you like you can watch a few videos of how models carry their high-heeled beauties.

5. Don’t hesitate to use over-the-counter products

There are several products available in the markets that help ease the pain that is caused by wearing high-heeled shoes. The most popular are the silicon pads that can be inserted at the heel or the toes. They help relieve the pressure.

6. Rest your feet in between

You are allowed to rest your feet in between walking. Don’t hesitate to sit down and if the situation permits, remove your heels and stretch your feet. This period of rest allows your feet to recover from the strain of wearing high heels.

7. Test various surfaces

You need to try walking with your shoes on various surfaces. You might have to walk on various surfaces ranging from tiled or wooden floors to carpets. Test your shoes on all these surfaces before you venture to use them outside.

8. Practice

Remember to practice. Practice makes perfect. Wear them every chance you get so that you get used to wearing them. You can wear them to run your errands at the supermarket, to the Laundromat, or even at home.

Sizzle the town with your heels and stay stylish.