silky and smooth hair with few home remedies

Silky, shiny and smooth hair is the dream of every woman but in order to fulfill this dream, a lot of care is needed. The hair needs to be protected from harsh chemicals and use natural products to make them shine. Many times, hair also gets damaged with excessive use of ironing, blow drying, hair dyes and hair straightening. In order to ensure smooth and silky hair, following hair remedies can help in an optimal manner.

Tip # 1

The most common and popular way of treating hair to make them shinier, smoother and silkier is coconut oil. These days, pollution and various environmental factors like strong winds, dust, dirt, rain and sun can also play havoc with your hair. The hair proteins can degrade considerably. Coconut oil can help in the protection of these proteins. A glossy look can be created by using coconut oil sparingly.

Tip # 2

 Beer is another way of making hair smoother and silkier. Malt and beer hops present in beer are actually proteins. They greatly help in hair reinforcement. The sugar present in the beer also helps a great deal by closing cuticle of the hair. When cuticles get closed, the hair shaft becomes smoother and silkier. When light moves along every strand of the hair, it offers a shinier look to the hair. When following this home remedy, care should be taken that the beer has gone totally flat. When using beer for hair, first shampoo your hair carefully and after rinsing hair properly, apply beer to your tresses for approximately two minutes and later rinse it off. Conditioner can be used for getting rid of any beer scent left in the hair. The hair becomes bouncier and shinier with beer use.

Tip # 3

Constant exposure to air conditioners, in-door heaters or extreme winters can leave hair absolutely dry. They become noticeably frizzy and dull. Grape seed oil is another home remedy that can bring life back to your otherwise lifeless and limp looking hair. This oil offers necessary nutrition to the scalp. Hair cuticles get smoothness and moisture gets sealed offering a shinier and smoother finish to the hair. Though, this oil is a little greasy but not as greasy as olive oil. There is no scent in this oil and is light in weight. Applying this oil leaves hair smoother, shinier and thicker. The hair exudes a healthier look which is what actually every woman wants. Her crowning glory is something which is very important for her personality and looks.

Using above mentioned home remedies help greatly in making hair smoother and shinier. There is no need of using exorbitantly priced shampoos, conditioners or hair spas to get this look as it can be achieved by using simple home methods.