31 May 2020

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Which hairbrush is for you? 

  Picking the right hairbrush for ourselves can be a nightmare, especially if you are not familiar with the different brushes and which hair type or purpose they are best suited. The hairbrush isle in the supermarket will be flooded with brushes ranging from ones…

Skin & Hair Care

4 Ways to Deal with your Bangs 

Bangs are tricky locks of hair on your forehead. Some people have had them their entire life. Basically they never got rid of the hairstyle their mom gave them as a kid. They really do justice to the facial features of some people. But wearing…

6 pretty hairstyles
Skin & Hair Care

6 Pretty Hairstyles You Can Do at Home 

Hairstyling is an integral part of an individual’s personality. Hairstyle contains hair cutting and getting new style. There is a great impact of society and culture on the hairstyling. When you are confident about your looks, you give your best at your work place, even…