tips for bringing shine to your hair

If you want to bring a dazzling shine to your tresses, you need to follow a beauty regimen which should be followed religiously. Your grandma and mother can always share some hair secrets that can help you in gaining good health and shine in your hair. Following these tips can help in flaunting lustrous, beautiful and sexy hair. Many people go for extensive hair treatments and use a wide range of products to ensure shine and lustre in hair. This wastes a lot of time as well as money on beauty salons and parlors. It is high time, that style conscious women get smart enough getting dazzling shine in the hair without spending a lot of money and time.

The top 5 tips can help in bringing shine to your hair are-

1. Mayonnaise

The hair needs to be massaged thoroughly using mayonnaise. This massage must begin from the roots of the hair, progressing further to the ends. Gentle pressure must be applied to the tresses. Once massage is over, tie your hair on the head in a neat bun. The head can be covered using a plastic wrap so as to gain better results. A towel that has been pre heated can also be used for covering head for at least ten minutes as it will provide deep conditioning. If hair are heavy and needs extra care, the process can be repeated. Once the process is over, the hair must be washed using a gentle shampoo. This tip offers not only shine but also volume in hair.

2. Cornstarch

Hair must not be washed daily even when it is oily. Instead, cornstarch can be used. Cornstarch can be taken in a dish and using a large brush, it can be brushed over the scalp. Hair roots also need to be brushed. Keeping this cornstarch in hair for ten minutes will remove excess oil from the hair.

3. Aspirin

Aspirin also plays a vital role in ensuring good health of hair. Two aspirin pills need to be dissolved in shampoo, preferably an anti dandruff shampoo before washing hair. Good conditioner can also be applied later for effective results. This tip has proven to be an excellent remedy for gaining healthier and bouncier hair.

4. Avocado

Avocado also plays a major role in ensuring healthy hair and skin. This tip can be easily carried at homes. One needs to take a ripe avocado, a small banana, olive oil and egg yolk. These ingredients need to be mixed thoroughly. This pack can be used on hair and left for about an hour. Wash it using lukewarm water and then shampoo it properly.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another home tip for healthier and shinier hair is using apple cider vinegar. This product can be used in a gallon of water that has been distilled. This mixture can be stored and refrigerated and can be used for rinsing after shampooing hair.

The above tips are easy to follow and can offer desired results in maintaining your tresses.