Ways To Stay Fit

Staying fit is amongst the most earnest desire of many women. And it is just within your reach if you are willing your put your mind and apply your thought. The advantages of being fit are innumerable and they offer multiple health benefits. Not merely that, with the current stress levels that working women face, being fit helps  to handle life successfully.

7 Ways to stay hit and healthy

Walking is best Exercise

When was the last time did you consider walking? If not, it is time that you consider it if you want to become fit soon. It is among the best exercise and gives a full workout to your whole body. A 30 minute brisk walking during early morning will do wonders to your health. If you are bored to go alone, then take your dog with you for company. Exercise release a chemical called endorphins in your brain that gives a feel-good sense and alleviates any depression ailment and keeps you cheerful throughout the day. Try it to believe it!

Commute to work place

With work and family taking all the time, it is hardly possible to hit the gym every day. In that case try to commute to your workplace through public transit and include some walking in your commute. It could save money on your gas and at the same time keep you fit. That’s definitely smart.

Playing with Kids

Did it ever strike you to play with your kids for a while? a ball game or something, just to sweat out a bit in the evening Sun. Kids have inexhaustible energy and matching them could certainly ward of those extra calories that you munched all day through. At the same time it is fulfilling to spend some quality time with them.

Diet is essential

Apart from exercise, the next most important thing that you are likely to watch out is your diet. Avoid high calorie food in your daily intake. Say a big no-no to junk food and fatty foods. Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as it would cleanse your system and keep you nourished. Also, add protein content in your diet possibly.

Sleep Well

8 hours of undisturbed sleep is essential for a sound mind body balance. Make sure you get them.

Avoid Bad habits

If you indulge in bad habits then it is time to say No to them. Habits like smoking and excessive drinking can be detrimental to your health. They in-fact constrict your blood vessels becoming road blocks to your exercise routine.

Drink Water

Drink water all day. Beverages are filled with sugar and excessive calories. Stay away from them and replace with water.