7 Ways to keep your skin radiant

It’s all in the skin, isn’t it? The beauty of your skin tells your story. Skin matters after all. A healthy skin is a reflection of good health. Some women have glorious shiny skin which leaves the rest of us to wonder what really keeps them glowing and radiant.

Some important tips to keep your skin radiant and healthy

Sun Protection

Wherever you may be, continuous exposure to Sun rays could definitely cause damage to your skin. To deal with this you may use sunscreen products that will protect you to a great extent. Try to avoid the Sun rays during the peak time of the day. Also, wear protective clothing that covers your body well so that you are not exposed to the heat rays.

Lifestyle choices

Though you may take several skincare treatments there is not an equal to replace lifestyle choices to enjoy good health and a glowing skin. Smoking and other harmful habits are a strict no-no as it constricts your blood vessels and is detrimental to your health and especially skin. Wake up early in the morning, spend time in some relaxation exercise like yoga or meditation, start your day with positive energy and look at the difference it could do to your skin.

Treat your skin with care

Your skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of your body, therefore don’t forget to treat it with gentleness and care. Use mild soaps and shampoos during bath and not the ones which have too much chemical in it. Go the nature way it will always do you good.

Healthy diet

Yes, you heard it right. Fresh fruits and vegetables can give you that radiant glow to your skin that you seek. Make it a habit to eat at least one fruit every morning and look at the difference it could make to your skin. Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C content are preferred.


You have to learn to manage stress. You cannot let it have you. Stress is harmful and it can cost a toll on your skin causing wrinkles and other effects. Mind and body exercises like yoga and meditation can help you handle stress.

Eat on Time

Don’t skip your meals. This could cause gastric trouble, and acidity is not good for health and skin.

Spirituality can help too

Last but not the least, take some time out for any spiritual activity. This could give you serenity and peace that could keep you younger than you can ever imagine.