It isn’t just for men, not to ask this question that seems sensitive and inappropriate but also it’s more likely suitable for a woman experiencing the guiltiness. You might I come up with few questions like, ‘How old are you?’, ‘How much do you weigh?’, and so on.

‘How old are you?’, ‘How much do you weigh?

But the one question you should never ask a woman is that, “Are you pregnant?”

Isn’t this seemed confusing? Yes! Most of the people think assuming pregnancy is a happy, merry-making one that is long expected by the vast of mothers. The question you ask might be average impolite and even to ask, well that goes out of your business. This issue is sensitive and flashy. There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t ask this question to a woman, below are some.

  • She’s just now pregnant and not yet ready to make her status public. When you ask such a question, it might affect her personally and professionally sometimes bring bias.

  • For every pregnant woman, there goes a risk of miscarriage period until 13 weeks. She might be waiting to announce after that time.

  • What if she recently underwent a miscarriage and left in the sorrow of losing a soul. Your garbage question exposes her sorrowful life.

  • What if she’s keenly waiting for a baby but her physical issues block the gift? Your question might break her heart and affect her mentally giving discomfort.

  • What if she’s not pregnant but just her body weight and bulgy stomach.


MATTER IN BOTTOM LINE: Well, the point is whether the lady is pregnant or not, never ask her until be announces or not. It’s none of your business until she wishes to be your business.