Fit to be a mom Parenting is the most responsible job in the world. Taking care a baby demands  the parent to be fit mentally and physically.  Parenting is a life time job, which is not just about giving a birth to a baby; this is about taking care of a baby throughout the life.  Physically, the mother needs to be  fit and healthy as she is the one who will carry the baby in her womb for nine months. Before conceiving a baby, every woman should understand that whether her body is actually prepared for it or not. Pregnancy can lead to many physical and emotional imbalances, so it is essential to prepare your body to deal with such type of changes. There are many things that every ‘would be mom’ can work on before stepping in the world of motherhood.

  1. Yoga and Fitness: Exercise helps in boosting up the energy during  the stages of pregnancy. There are many centres which run prenatal or pregnancy yoga classes specially designed for expected moms. In these classes, ‘mums to be’ can practise yoga everyday that helps them in increasing their stamina and fitness. Pregnancy can sap the whole energy of the body. Hence, regular and small session of exercises can help future mother to spend whole day happily in any difficult circumstance.
  2. Childbirth Classes: There are numerous prenatal classes that is specifically aimed at preparing parents for appropriately welcoming their new one. These classes educate and make parents ready to face any small and big challenge that can appear after the birth of their baby. They get to learn the basic things of taking care and handling their baby. Issues like “changing diaper”, “handling and carrying baby”, etc. are being addressed well. These small things can help every new parent in the early phase of parenthood where nothing is settled. Especially, these classes are ideal for mothers and prepare them for labour and birth.
  3. Meditation Helps to Remain Cool and Calm in All Situations: As soon as the mother conceives her baby, her life undergoes a lot of change. Her world transforms to a great extent. She could feel the emergence of changes in her body. There might be times wherein mother can feel frustrated. This leads the lady to spend sleepless nights. Hence, it is essential for her to practice meditation on daily basis. It would help her in dealing every situation with calm, peace, and cool.
  4. Postnatal Fitness: Postnatal Fitness is essential for a mother post delivery. It is important for her to get back to shape. Since the body has gone through several hormonal changes, it is a must to be back in fitness. Postnatal fitness improvises the stamina that is lost during delivery process. It would aid in losing weight at the earliest. As a result, pelvic region strengthens and would further prevent in postnatal pains and aches.

Conclusion -Pregnancy can bring emotional and physical changes in women’s life, but these changes and difficulties can be managed easily if some good eating habits and physical exercises can be implemented from the very first stage of pregnancy. However, it is important to consult the doctor before doing any kind of exercises or joining any classes. Pregnancy is the time to eat healthy, do workouts, and be prepared to enter in the world of parenthood. Health and fitness are the two major things that every woman should think.Before conceiving a baby, every women should concentrate on improving their health by doing physical exercises and eating healthy foods.